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  1. leapdog

    Possible CF National Date Changes

    So when will we know if the dates have actually changes and that is solid with no more changes? Some of us have already reserved lodging and need to take advantage of cheap plane tickets by getting them earlier than later. Can USPA decide and decide fast and then stick with it? The concern is that another team, based on the change and if the change comes too slow, won't be able to make it. That would be self defeating for the reason of the change in the first place. Just trading one team for another.
  2. leapdog

    Crazy CRW pics

    Memorial day weekend 2007 over Emerald Coast at the FL /AL line. Fred Tarr, Eric French and I from green to upside down in order as listed. Using death straps I build. drag plane. http://www.dropzone.com/cgi-bin/forum/gforum.cgi?do=post_attachment;postatt_id=85299;guest=38760913
  3. leapdog

    Blue Skies Johnny Mauney

    PsycoBob- Thanks. I was going to wait until after services to post anything, but maybe I'm wrong as usual. Johny was my tandem instructor on my first and third jump a little over 6 years ago. He also, along with Pyaso (Chuck Hammond), got me going to the ECSC Beach boogie. Last year he celebrated my 500th jump with me over that beach in a two stack with the American flag. Just a year and a half before that he did my first CRW jmp with me and got me into the only disciline I do now. On verterans day he was the only one to call and say thank you for serving. After I moved to florida from NC/SC he was one of the few that kept in touch. He was always glad and excited when I came home to visit as I was to visit with him when I went back to NC/SC. There was never ever a time that Johnny wasn't an easy going well loved individual. I always felt that I would do anyhting for that unselfish close friend of mine. This is very hard for me to write and anyone who knows me, knows that I don't open up well at all. So I will stop know before I loose it. He will be missed more than I can speculate.
  4. leapdog

    Intercepting the Big-way I

    This is interesting. I see how it relates to fighter pilots and how predators in the wild are studied. I see how it is usfull for CRW dogs. I have been using the concept but just didn't know how to explain it such terms. What I have been doing is to have a new CRW dog walk a run back in small scale with me on the ground. I have a question. Is the writting meant for an experienced CRW dog or New CRW flyers? Perhaps both?
  5. leapdog

    2007 CFWR Announcement Update

    Thanks for posting this. I don't think everyone has seen the announcment yet.
  6. leapdog

    CRW Training - How Soon to Start ?

    It can vary as far as jump numbers go. I tend to look for people who have the mental capacity or what others may call awareness to deal with dynamic situations. Basic understanding of fundamentals pertaining to canopy flight concepts. As far as jump numbers go maybe more than 100 maybe a good base to start with.
  7. leapdog

    CRW Camp Tour

    I posted this to the list. Anyone wanting to get together for new years weekend PM me. There was talk at the last camp about doing something in Florida like we did last year. There is already intrest from some experienced dogs. Lets see some more.
  8. leapdog

    jumping in bahamas?

    I'm not sure there is one. I remember there used to be one listed in the dropzones list on this site. maybe you can find a pilot that would let you do it for the price of a scenic flight. Probably be exspensive and the landing area may be less than desirable. I know, I'm no help at all.
  9. leapdog

    Bridge Day Video Update

    Cool stuff!
  10. leapdog

    Some Fun During Thanksgiving

    Those are great!
  11. leapdog

    Show me your icon

  12. leapdog

    NEWS ARTICLE: Law brings down BASE jumper

    That is just about the silliest thing I have read in a while. No conviction but a fine? Proof it is a justice system for monetary gains.
  13. leapdog

    Is it possible to dye your container??

    I don't recommend that you hide the age of a container by renewing or changing its color. the degredation of the material is important because it means the difference of being airworthy or not. If wear and tear is hidden it makes inspection just a bit more difficult. Also, not everything list all ingredients in the container. There may be a chemical that you are not aware of that can damage the fabric in the dye.
  14. We do use tail pockets as in base. Some of us use rubber bands for line stows some don't. That part will be up to you. A fine mesh slider is good so is a large chicken wire mesh slider or even an X slider. depends on how fast you want it. I think the going advice on reserve size is don't use a reserve any smaller than the smallest size canopy you have ever jumped. However, with a 266 base canopy your container will be rather big so the reserve will be rather big. Bigger than 170. It ijust next to impossible to have the right size main container without any canopy sticking out and have a dinky reserve. The method I use is to stow lines in the pocket, then flip the canopy over so the the pocket is in the pack tray nose facing up. Stow the risers, then S fold the canopy into the container. Gather the top skin so it is not sticking out and close the flaps. tha is basically it. there are other things to consider but only if you use the equipment like a kill cone but since you are using a base canopy you don't have to worry about the extras that CRW set ups have. Hope this helps
  15. I use wieghts that have plastic beads or sand in them.