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  1. Hi, any info about an app I remember help to find the frebag/canopy spot after ctaways ??, you put the wind direction an intensity and the cutaway spot and gives you some probably circle places to looking for.
  2. Any other info about where/how to get a curved pin supplier (other than Paragear) ??? Thanks Nico
  3. Solved DTL means "Detail" spec
  4. What is the meaning of the acronym DTL, for example (bridle material) MIL-DTL-5038 type 2 versus MIL-T-5038 type 2 Thanks Nico
  5. Hi, the TS135 on the structural jumps, said you cant go with less than 264 fully equipped (20% over te MOW), wich means the max placard weight is 220, regarding the minimum operation weight its fixed by the manufacturer, any opinion about this??, the minimumOW needs to be more away posible for some light girl scenario??.....or close to the max to help the drop testing campaign. Any technical opinion will be apreciated. PS: Perfo Designs said VLC Varies with Landing Condition Thanks a lot
  6. Hi everyone, Im looking for a curved pin manufacture, thks Also doesnt have any specs right ? Nico
  7. Hi all, Im doing some round canopy work with MIL-C-5040-Type3 550 pounds, I remember some % rule to put tension on the line before cutting, any info will be apreciated. Thanks nico
  8. Hi I just receive a pilot parachute rig affected by JP1 fuel, what kind of damage or degradation receive the nylon by this JP1 fuel, I think its not Airworthines anymore. Any technical info will be apreciated. Nico
  9. Others ??? Vector ( M.A.R.D. ”Skyhook” Icon ( “Skyhook” Javelin ( “Skyhook” Vortex ( “Skyhook” Strong ( M.A.R.D. “AIR ANCHOR” Curv, Telesis, Rigging Innovations ( M.A.R.D. “MOJO” Avalon, Advance Parachute System Bulgaria ( M.A.R.D. “FORS (Fast Opening Rescue System)” Wings, ( M.A.R.D. “RESESRVE BOOST” Glide, Peregrine Mfg ( M.A.R.D. “ACE RSL” Mirage, ( M.A.R.D. “TRAP SYSTEM” Infinity, Velocity Sports ( M.A.R.D. VSE MARD standard Sife, ( MARD "RAX" Airborne Systems ??
  10. Hi any info would be apreciated, its a startrac 1 260, with a POD sewed into the attachment point top skin, I dont really know how to pack that POD, also the canopy comes with another POD and a colapsable Pilot chute I already surf the manufacturer website for a manual and cant find any. Thanks Nico
  11. hi evrybody, any contact info of Stunt company owner?, the manufacturer of Eclipse. Thanks Nico
  12. I send you an email Nico Nicolas Lopez Master Rigger Aerorigging Parachute Loft
  13. Hi anyone who want to share a Hyatt Regency Dallas room to make it cheaper, PM. Thanks Nicolas Lopez Master Rigger Aerorigging Parachute Loft
  14. Hi everybody, other than the pin extraction force on the skyhook document and the stagging loop 1" shorter than the loop, and the 1/2 to 3/4" of loop excess over the pilot chute, there is any other measure info of the UPT Sigma reserve loop ?, around there. Thanks Nico Nicolas Lopez Master Rigger Aerorigging Parachute Loft