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  1. Finally, a manufacturer who allows the insertion of a tracker. What an excellent idea. Shame it's twice the price it should be.
  2. Day 1 in the sport and you're already beating yourself up eh?
  3. Ok because you really should get your April fools jokes in before 1200 local, otherwise you are the fool
  4. Booo! Boooo! No airmanship for skydivers! No peripheral knowledge that might help them out! Essentials only because their brains are so small and overworked as it is! Boooo! To be serious for a second though, I would absolutely love this SIM rewrite as an opportunity to encourage newer skydivers to learn more than just the essentials and become much more well-rounded jumpers.
  5. My friend wanted to jump the container with Aya in. I thought it wouldn't be fair if he got hurt so I just sent it myself. Not a bad beginner's object too. First base jump, home made rig. Anybody else done this? I didn't make the soft links or pc however.
  6. Something here that no one seems to be mentioning so I will. On the floor, the jumper will rotate upwards pulled by the risers with their feet as a fulcrum and their entire weight resisting the rotation. In freefall, the risers will rotate the jumper around their centre of mass with very little resistance, increasing the bend in the risers and increasing the peeling force on the riser covers. Also, so what if you land with closed riser covers?
  7. I've read that website so many times, and what he's trying to say makes literally no sense to me. All I've taken away is 'route the bridle up when going handheld, and open the pin flap on subterminal jumps' Unrelated, but I took my rig to the Expo last weekend and UPT Kenneth was there. What did he say about it? Exactly what everyone here has been saying.
  8. My containers are done. They are a bit tight because the harness shrunk more than I expected.
  9. Thanks for the posts everyone. As I said, I do read them and I don't just ignore them. But often I have to read through several times to understand. In fact I'm reading through the thread right now and things are making more sense. Thanks
  10. This is a bit off topic, but it saves my starting a new thread.Can anyone recommend any canopy fabric suppliers who have stock right now. Other than Paragear of course. They don't have the colours I'm looking for. Thanks
  11. Has anyone ever used a Durkopp Adler 204-64 to sew a harness? It's only a needle feed heavy duty. I'm looking at getting one as even a rusty Singer 7 class is being advertised at £1500.
  12. The way I'm stacking the layers is leg strap on the bottom, followed by a MLW layer, then the other legstrap layer, then finally the second MLW layer on the top. That's the way it is on the one I'm copying. I do read everything that's written here but I often just go away and think about for a while rather than reply immediately. One of the reasons why I put this on a public forum is that when I was starting out, there was precious little in the way of reference material, and this way it's all available for others who want to read about these things.
  13. I'm doing it that way because it's like that on the harness I'm copying. It only has 4 jumps on it but that's proof enough for me that it works. I'll double up the stitching on inside corner and just hope that the second layer of type 8 is enough to stop the first layer peeling upwards off the legstrap.