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  1. Any tips for making sure I pass my level 3? The level 2 seems same as level 1 in the sense "You cannot fail", for the most part. Just want to make sure I pass my level 3. Have been practicing my arch Infront of a camera connected to the TV and trying to get the muscle memory. Cannot afford to be failing my jumps at £170 a time for retakes at the lower levels
  2. It is deceptive though on that first jump when you have nothing to relate to, I honestly thought my feet were about to brush the grass... was rather funny when I flared and expected grass and NOTHING, and I realised at that moment "oops". Tree top height though... Did you hold the flare? How was the landing?
  3. Please do not misunderstand, the radio did not quit... I was hearing nothing and thought the ground was closer than it was so THOUGHT it was not working. When I had committed to the flare, I then heard the instructor go "Flare Flare Flare", at that moment, I knew I was just a fraction too early and prepared for the landing. Lesson learned, just have trust in your instructors.
  4. I definitely empathise, as @MickPatch said, it is a sensory overload. Until that first jump, I did not understand what that meant. I thought the Tandem I did would help which it did to some degree but when going solo, soo much is on your mind that first jump, I was not thinking 100%. Going fetal, blimey. No, was not that bad at all. Definitely going again. You are right, already less anxious about next jump, hopefully go Friday if open. Thanks. I was more frustrated with myself after the dive but on reflection, I jumped out of a plane, had a great time and thanks to my instructors, I felt safe at all times. Loved the canopy ride. Forgot to mention that had a line twist thrown in, remembered training, kept cool, not a problem. Was a little unsure of landing procedure as in holding area and where/when to turn but was guided on on the walkie talkie and that made it soo easy. I flared too early... Thought the ground was closer than it was and thought radio had stopped working - lol. So just held the flare and dropped maybe 4ft to the ground. Walked away with a big smile so that was a great jump, loved the canopy ride though.
  5. I had a blast. Looking forward to putting in the work and hopefully one day becoming a competent Skydiver.
  6. Hi all. I saw all these videos of people doing their level 1, doing gang signs, having a great time. "Yeah, I will have some of that" I thought. Completed groundschool, 5 days later, on my first lift, feel the nerves increasing. 14,000ft, the door opens, I literally stumble over heading towards the door, slight hesitation with my exit and when I finally go, my arch is none existent. The poor instructors are giving me the hand signals, in that moment, may as well have been smoke signals, I knew what they were trying to tell me but my brain was like "Yeah, I see ya... no clue though, sorry" Did my practice pulls, then lock onto the altimeter... think about going for the pull to deploy but by the time my brain had figured all this out, one of the instructors had deployed for me and up in the air I went :) So yes, my level 1 happened but was far from the "Disney like experience" I had hoped for, more like a "Carry On". I feel soo much more confident though having got that out of the way and know what I need to do to correct my mistakes, just feel such a wally but all good fun. For anyone else who sucked at their level 1 and I hope nobody sucked as bad as me, your are definitely not alone. Here is the video, hopefully gives a few laughs but most importantly, it helps some other poor soul realise it can always be worse. AFF level 1 Thanks to all the amazing instructors out there helping keep us noobs safe and help us learn how to be safe. Blue Skies.