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  1. Quagmirian

    RSL material behind the ring

    The other issue is the RSL release not being accessible when you want it (water landings etc).
  2. Quagmirian

    Downsizing for first rig

    It's a number, good for most people, and it shuts people up.
  3. Quagmirian

    Color the line attachment points on the canopy

    It's still not a good idea to colour in your canopy. Just watch a packing video instead.
  4. Quagmirian

    My little project

    Oh that. I have a copy on my dropbox and my friend has all the audio tapes too. If I knew how to share them I would. https://www.dropbox.com/s/d9x1sy0m426pdy8/Lone%20Star.pdf?dl=0
  5. Quagmirian

    My little project

    A copy of what?
  6. Quagmirian

    My little project

    Jumped it at Vectorfest [inline white_canopy.jpg] [inline white_canopy1.jpg] First impressions are that it is definitely an improvement on the orange canopy. The control range is still a touch shorter than I had hoped for, but the toggle turns are nice and smooth and the landing flare is beautiful. Lovely landing in nil winds. If I work out how to edit the video I will upload it and link it here.
  7. Quagmirian

    ISO RW-6 rings

    Hi Andre. Are they actually making them yet? Last I heard they didn't have the tools. That was a while back though.
  8. Quagmirian

    Cookie G4

    I think that might just be you.
  9. Cross bracing makes a canopy more efficient in both low and high speed flight. Reducing the upwards cell distortion with the diagonal braces. Pretty sure NZ made a crw canopy called the Matrix2. It was a crossbraced 5 cell.
  10. I think it has a lot to do with what we expect from a canopy. Does a student rig get the first time jumper safely to the ground? Good. Anything more is more expense for the DZ owner. It's a cost/benefit thing also as you said.
  11. That's the crux of it. Parachutes are so reliable that unless you're doing something out of the ordinary, having a third canopy can actually make you less safe, because it's more complexity and more procedures to get wrong.
  12. Quagmirian

    My little project

    Just to let you all know I'm not dead. I went on the BR course in December, so I have until the end of this year to do all the work and prepare for the exam, so I'll be focusing on that primarily. But I haven't forgotten about jumping my most recent canopy. [inline 28216998_10215906276199504_1940731695_o.jpg]
  13. Objection! PDs and Optimums are the same size. They're measured in the same way. And no, PD has not misnamed their reserves, they are exactly the size they are labelled, when measured by PD's method.
  14. Quagmirian

    My little project

    Can anybody suggest somewhere for me to go test jumping for a week or so in the spring? Budget is not massive so that kind of rules out USA unless I can get some very cheap flights. And also a DZ that is cool with this kind of stuff.
  15. Quagmirian

    My little project

    Thought this thread could do with an update. In July I qualified for my BPA advanced packing certificate. Basic rigging is next. I've built an evolution of the not so successful orange 7 cell from 2 years back. It has a thinner foil and steeper trim. I'd like to use it to investigate deployments from paragliders and other slow aircraft. I don't have any pictures of it finished yet, but it looks alright.