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  1. Well kid, the reasons are my own and irrelevant. The factory can say what ever they want at the end of the day, but if they have legal leg to stand on, I’m not having property held ransom. As for your humble rigging innovations rigger brag, cheers dits who cares
  2. Cheers for the reply’s and the advice given referencing letter and or legal council was my initial though also. It is further complicated by the fact I’m no us based and I could get the repair done locally. But as stated they refuse to release unless the manufacturer executes the repair. It seems they have no legal right in the us to withhold this equipment so that is good information. thanks for your help
  3. I’ve recently sent my rig in for a repair on the reserve flap grommet and during the routine inspection, upt have found cause to ground the rig. they are now refusing to return my equipment unless I have them re harness the rig. Do have any legal right to do this?
  4. Train mobility, there is plenty of info on the internet. The reason for this, if you're lifting any sort of weight with compromised joints, when your muscle fail do to fatigue or poor technique, you'll shock load your joints and do even more damage.
  5. Hey Folks, i am looking for a list/ pics of the freestyle moves, i know there are posts asking the same thing but none of the info is current. Hoping someone will be able to help
  6. Thanks for the advice everyone im am putting it to good use
  7. Hi everyone Basically i am looking to spend a couple months at csc next year and im wondering what the best company to rent with is or there are long term backpackers or something. Don’t really know the usa scene that well, well not at all, so im looking for some advice, so thanks for any help, it will be greatly appreciated Hope you had a good Christmas and have a happy new year Henry
  8. Hi im new to the sport and im thinking of doing the diploma in commercial skydiving in the next few months, and from what i've read its a hotly contested subject. What i would like to know is a honest opinion from someone who has been there recently. Thanks