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  1. Then, it is resolved, and it needs to be resized in MLW section. I guess it needs to go back to Sunpath or in hands of allowed master rigger,...
  2. Sounds to me like your laterals could be too long for you. This would cause your rig to be lifted from your back. Can you put something in between your back and rig when dressed up for jump ? If so - that's your problem.
  3. On some machines I have servo, but I have this on one machine:
  4. I think PrimA is ZP PrimE is not This is Prima ZP
  5. Went to Hans (Fallschirmdepot Ostermünchner GmbH). Great guy. Ended up with German and Croatian Master riggers licence (not FAA stuff).
  6. We were taught also for third scenario,... High speed partial malfunction : Locate and grab ripcord with right hand, cover your face and eyes with left hand while looking trough open fingers of left hand, and then pull ripcord. This way lines would burn your hand not your face. I've never done this.
  7. I jump Hurricane 120 loaded 1.7. It opens perfectly. I guess it needs to be loaded more,...
  8. This is so wrong to say. Harness container is most important component. This component decides if your canopy starts to open on its own, can you find pilot chute, how it is hard to pull it, also what happens with other handles (cutaway and reserve), geometry of 3 ring must be precise in mm's or it won't work as it should. Toggles on your canopies can unstow and this can lead to cutaways. There are some toggles that will not release if tab is made to soft. How much stitching is there is in corners is also very important do that canopy can deploy regardless of body position, and that it still retains deployment bag until bridle stretch. Will cutaway handle slip under your shirt, can you snag it with steering toggle, how reserve pin is swagged, how long is ripcord cable, etc. ? Reserve PC is also story for it self. What type of coil, what material, strength, center of mass, type of fabric, diameter and ratio between mesh and fabric. I didn't even mention of something is snagable on container and how it would behave in case of snag. And many more things,... Most people will focus on options like good mard and magnetic riser covers, but core functionality must be good also (and in most H/C it is). Master rigger, Jerolim
  9. Yes, that one. Only there is no backplate for YI. So one has to glue normal gopro mount on back of waterprof case, and remove one of 3 legs from bracket mount Adapter, that way you get skyclip compatible backplate.
  10. No, but there is chin mount called skyClip (with cutaway) and a way to attach YI to G3 or Phantom X/XV,...
  11. Wait, what ? Please, don't spray the lines with silicone ! That is your problem, friction is needed for normal slow opening,...
  12. Will somebody take and post some youtube PIA Symposium videos ?
  13. I know a Ti who has had three over the course of his career. I was on a load with a Ti this year who had a riser failure on his RSL side and it deployed his reserve (Strong rig). I agree with the need for a Collins lanyard. Every RSL and MARD should have one. With the patent expired, there is no reason not to include one. Talked with Firebird yesterday, there will be Collins with this system. It just wasn't showed in this short video presentation.
  14. No, it is closer to RPC to avoid possibility of RPC wrapping around reserve lines.