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  1. jerolim

    PIA Symposium

    Will somebody take and post some youtube PIA Symposium videos ?
  2. jerolim

    favorite sewing machines

    How big is plate to presser foot clearance on these machines ?
  3. An inch of stitching can make a world of difference. Freebag needs to rotate before leaving reserve tray and bottom corners are preventing that motion. It personally think that stitching plays bigger role than PC in this case.
  4. jerolim

    Falling out of a Harness

    Problem with heavier PS22019-1 (or similar) friction adapter is that in case of loose chest strap it can hit you in your mouth on opening, depending of how far it is from MLW and how loose fit is on a jumper. And dental services are not so cheap this days ;) Also, weight of PS22019-1 would give overall bad hanging look of chest strap. I think we need something that is not invented yet here ,...
  5. jerolim

    Reserve pack intervals

  6. jerolim

    Reserve pack intervals

    Switzerland same Croatia same
  7. I am going to mention Atair Radical, good swooping machine.
  8. jerolim

    Pfaff 238

    Great machine, but I have better - Pfaff 438
  9. jerolim

    clear cable

    This is c/p from fb group (as nobody answered there): Is it allowed to replace clear cable on Atom Legend Tandem or Vortex2 Student static line (with direct bag), with yellow cutaway cable? Also what are benefits of clear cables over yellow and black teflnon cables? And where to get this clear cable? It is clear cable without metal core.
  10. jerolim

    Wire Crimping Tool

    Would this ( Crimping Range : 1/16 "to 1/8 " ) or this be good for crimping oval sleeves for main ripcords and cutaway ripcords ? Thank you.
  11. jerolim

    BT-80 and Galaxy line trim chart

    Hi riggers, I am looking for BT-80 (version 2,from 2013, with spectra line set) and Galaxy line trim chart. I have googled for BT-80 and Galaxy (Parachutes de France, Aerazur, Zodiac, etc.) for line trim chart but with no luck. Also, is there any person that can be contacted for spare parts (I don't need anything but it is good to know) ? Thanks.
  12. jerolim

    What is new at PIA?

    And we want youtube videos !!!
  13. jerolim

    Is this dangerous?

    I think that this is part of removable slider.
  14. jerolim

    Weird Mal

    I don't own Sigma any more but, I always claimed that those golf balls are snagpoints. Any you may want to check kill line lenght on that drougle also (if it schrinks too much long, long trapdoor can cause more problems). What I also don't like @Sigmas is cutaway handle size. It is huge, has insert inside and it is sticking out, just waiting to be snagged by right toggle if student decides to drops it from certant position. Much better for cuttaway handle is this way : I meen Sigmas are great but those 2 things always buged me. And Bill Booth thank you for: disk release system, safety pin, skyhook and magnetic riser covers. Those things I like very much
  15. jerolim

    PdF Springo line trim?

    Here it is.