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  1. 9 years later... I have a Quasar II (DOM 98) with partial soft cutaway housings (hard through the yoke for the long side, soft elsewhere). I don't see a SB of recommendation from Strong. Anybody experience any issues with cutting away on Quasar II's ever?
  2. Cypres have clarified the service life of their cutters: 16.5 years
  3. Thanks for the responses! In South Africa only a Master Rigger may perform work on a Reserve. This was the third INSPECT and repack on the system. I do a stitch-for stitch inspection - EVERY stitch - for three of MY inspections in a row. If another Rigger packs it, or if it's been used, I start over. Thereafter I do a more cursory inspection. I'd prefer not to mention the Manufacturer until I've had a response from them. I elected NOT to over stitch as, in the worst stretch of missed stitches (tail seam) the stitch count was 7.8spi (opposed to 8.5 for the rest of the canopy). There are NO broken stitches. I'll let everyone know what the Manufacturer says... Cheers!
  4. I've a reserve that upon inspection I found to have quite a few dropped stitches - >20 scattered around. Obviously a problem with the manufacturers machine! My question is: if the stitch count over any given length of stitching more than an inch is okay, is there a necessity to overstitch to repair? The manufacturer hasn't responded to my email yet. Thanks for the opinions...
  5. I'm also struggling to find a source/price for the "Smiley's"...Does anyone know where to purchase them please?
  6. I just downloaded the manual - problem still exists. There is an addendum which I downloaded too - shows how to pack a Skyhook-equipped rig WITHOUT a Skyhook. Pretty damn incomplete too - doesn't show how to stow the bridle (neither before closing flap 2A, nor after). Still nothing to show how to pack a rig that is not equipped for the Skyhook?!? WAKE UP! Your manual(s) are nearly as useless as Parachute Systems'! Juiceless! :-(
  8. Ahoy! As jy nog steeds in Suid Afrika is, kan jy met Jules of Erik (altwee in Kaapstad) praat. Hulle het die ding al klaar gespring! t-o-t
  9. Quote Please PM me with the details of the "other 4 people". I would be very interested to know the details. On a recent Fri. M broke a center C, Mon. directly thereafter B broke one of his, the very next day S broke both his. Last year R broke one of his, as did I! These are the ones I'm sure of, there may be one or two others. Extremely surprised that Precision didn't know!?! And, by the way, that is what got this whole thing started: I ran to my rigger to ask for thicker center C's ... Which I'm still willing to try, even though it may lead to a mal when some other line breaks, for the sake of a few bucks saved
  10. Hillo! Nice to see this getting lotsa attention! I personally would much rather have my center C ('s) break first (canopy is still controlable - our experience over the past few years!) than an A for example!!!! The perfect accidental design ... So, I'm perfectly happy with the stock linesets and do think the Xaos's are the best canopies I've ever had the pleasure of jumping!!!! l8er!
  11. Sorry to have come across as whining - didn't mean to. I'm more interested in knowing if this is happening to all the Xaos canopies and to try and understand why a manufacturer of such superb equipment doesn't make it better. Surely a lineset that lasts 1500 jumps is better than one that does 300? I do know this is a throwaway culture we're in, I just try not to subscribe. Why waste?
  12. Seems the center C's snap between 700 and 1000 jumps!!! This has happened to at least 5 jumpers on my dz alone. One guy received his new lineset with thicker center C's, but mine (ordered after) came with standard lines throughout. This is over a year ago. Today a friend snapped both center C's at once!!! I just wonder why Precision doesn't address this problem - thicker center C's would give us at least a few hundred more jumps .... OH! hang on! Less money for them. I'm sooo stupid!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. Ohhhhh soooo negative Tom! What about the footage, or are you just stirring?!? Come on! It is sick! And you and everyone else know it. Let it ride! Let's take our "sport" to the front! Don't we all want to jump wherever and whenever we want? BASE needs to be accepted and appreciated by the mainstream public - and this is one of the ways of getting there - probably the best! You know what it is like in countries where it is accepted - we want this here too; and making a big fuss over some small transgression/s will get us no-where - leave it alone! Concentrate on the positive! I think Radix looks more rad than 2nd Base! What all you got? T-o-t
  14. Ahoy! The company that Shaun was using to build them is pretty keen on going into production. The desinger lady: Maria is fully into it - and she has great - if a little crazy - ideas!!!! I can hook anyone up if they're interested ...
  15. Ahoy! Sorry! I was jumping a GTi when he more than doubled my time! I have a hundred-odd jumps on it and have only jumped with 4 people who can match/outfly me (skydiving that is!) I'm 6.1 and 148lbs ... I started jumping my own Sugarglider yesterday: on my third flight I took a Neptune along: 55max (I exit on my back) then average of 35 until pull. I'm still looking for the sweet spot continuously so this is gonna get better - and, I have not jumped alongside a S3 so I dunno about the forward speed - feels good though...