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  1. To all Advanced Packers (and skydivers who have older kit): An item is being raised at this Thursdays Riggers / STC by an individual who is on a crusade to “Life Kit”. His latest attempt is to stop all Advanced Packers touching kit that is 10 or more years old. As an Advanced Packer my view is that I was trained by a Rigger to a BPA syllabus which included the ability to inspect the equipment for deterioration and that as a group we are more than capable of inspecting kit whether it is one year or more than ten years old. Think of the implications for your club / centre if you don’t have an onsite rigger! They will reduce the amount of kit available for use / hire. Think about the implication for yourself if your harness and container or reserve canopy is 10 years old. Where is your nearest rigger based and will they be able to pack your kit while you wait. This could mean two journeys. As their workload increases, so will the price of a repack! You all know the history of this. The Advanced Packer qualification was introduced with an aim to get people to become Riggers. This has worked to a certain extent but there are about 150 Advanced packers out there and the riggers, especially those employed by rigging lofts want the work back. In my view this has nothing to do with safety, it is purely monitory so we need to stand up and be heard. Make sure you talk to your CCI before Thursday 10th Feb 2011 otherwise those that have the vote will pass a rule for their own benefit.