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  1. gzimmermann

    Tonysuit Safety Sleeve

    Simon, with all due respect, just did your survey: 1st questions: Do you jump.... How many jumps do you have on a TonyWS? 3rd question: Have you had cause to use your safety sleeve to control your upper risers or toggles? No, then survey ends. I can answer as follows: Yes, I have an X2, 35 jumps, could probably reach the risers on opening when my legs are bent. The question that concerns ME: Are you scared wearing anything but a T-Shirt or rash guard long sleeve shirt (lycra, like in kiteboarding) under your TonyWS because there is no cutaway on the arms? My answer to this one would be YES! Sorry...
  2. gzimmermann


    I love this helmet and now have more than 100 jumps on it. The fogging issue has not been that bad to me because I got the modification at purchase already. What I do not like: The visor was "cracking" and showed mate spots event though I only cleaned it with a micro-fiber cloth and water. Let them fix it, really! Today one of the rubber bands broke which makes it difficult to have the visor closed on jumps. Seems these are common spare parts, they sell them in six-packs for USD 15.... Suggestion: If they are spare parts, make sure you pack some of them in every delivery, they are only worth a few cents and the owner can at least replace them with common tools. Plus please fix the coating issue, immediately, and let us know when!
  3. gzimmermann

    Paraplegic wingsuiting

    Honestly, knowing I am on thin ice and in no way I want to offend someone: After 270 WS jumps, close to 500 jumps overall I am just starting to know what I don't know. I am not an engineer but have some experience what can be done and not. No way I would say technology could substitute for human capabilities. And by this I mean physical and mental. I for my part would not jump even feeling a little dizzy, a sore shoulder or hangover! For the sake of myself and others... Let me be more specific on my position: As a 6 year old boy I wanted to become a pilot. Unfortunately I was diagnosed as shortsighted and had to wear glasses and contact lenses for the rest of my life. My visual capabilities with lenses are as good or even better compared to the average >40 years old right now. Still I would not be admitted to fly a commercial or military jet plane. Sorry...
  4. gzimmermann

    Looking for Acro partner in SoCoal

    Matt, I pmd you with a friend's name. We will be in Elsinore for training March 29th onwards. We might go to Eloy, Mesquite and have fun and cool jumps for 2 weeks afterwards. 4 Swiss Shadows and Phantoms, would be nice to have you joining for some.
  5. gzimmermann

    Zipper damage to container?

    Were there wingsuits without zippers in the past?
  6. gzimmermann

    aerodyne icon pro wingsuit mod ?

    Mine has it: Longer bridle and larger pilot chute. Plus different, open corners on the main deployment container part although I have not compared to a regular Icon yet. Just to mention: Even if it is not on their order form you can have the same mod from UPT for the Vector.
  7. gzimmermann

    Skydive Sebastian

    ...and having said that I can compare to some 5+ major US Dropzones. People are friendly, respectful and sometimes funny all around. I was on loads with plenty of space in the Otter on weekdays, they kept it running. Just missed the champagne before takeoff... Not to mention the wingsuit stars on site, the senior tandem instructors and the 4-way team. You name it, they will probably do it and there was everyone from AFF1 to highly experienced, in their 20s up to 80s enjoying the sport while I was there.
  8. gzimmermann

    Venom from PF is here!

    What a suit and probably what a leap forward in WS performance! I also like Phoenix-Fly going the safe way both with new features and advice: "Due to the large wing surface area the VENOM is not suitable for low experience pilots. We recommend a MINIMUM of 180 to 250 wingsuit jumps before trying the VENOM. The increased wingsize doesnt allow for the placement of a special B.A.S.E. leg pouch, as the wing would cover the location during deployment. Though the BOC is accesable with relative ease, we urge to account for the larger burble and minor delays in deployment with this type/size wingsuit when used in a B.A.S.E. enviroment. Adjusting your deployment altitude upward is high recommended."
  9. gzimmermann

    San Francisco wingsuiting?

    Try Hollister? I love it and will be there end of October next time. Great people, huge landing area. Only downside is the bus ride from LZ to airport. But a good occasion to relax and make new friends in the famous short bus. Plus you will be pretty "exclusive" being a WStr and leave the Pac as the last one. Check them out here and on Vimeo, skydive hollister, I am still in love with the spring boogie vid. And I was there too :-) [url] http://vimeo.com/10493777
  10. gzimmermann

    Warm-climate dzs for a newer jumper (A lic)

    I was at your point about a year ago. I went to Florida in November-December. Zephyrhills, unfortunately the weather was bad. I went to Clewiston which is not so big, very nice people and easy going. Wind can be an issue there just like in Elsinore (gusty sometimes). You have got to get used to it and learn to set and respect YOUR limits, especially in the bigger dropzones. Anyway, I can recommend Florida as well as SoCal. SoCal has the advantage that Elsinore and Perris are close, Perris has a tunnel and the likelyhood that you can jump there on weekdays - wind and weather permitting - is almost 100%. I recommend going to one of these, being honest about your level and show interest in joining other people and start with 2-ways. It was always easy for me to make new friends and learn from and with them in Clewiston and Elsinore. I loved the Excel camp in Elsinore, great way to get some coaching and meet new folks! Elsinore has a huge landing zone. Just use it to avoid traffic in final approach and stressful situations when the wind picks up a little and don't be ashamed to have to walk back a little longer.