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  1. "Check out 14 CFR 65 subsection F. Wink (starts right at 65.111)" or is it AC 102-2D part 14 a.2
  2. Can a FAA rigger legally pack a non tso'd rig in the US? If a FAA rigger does pack a non tso'd rig can it be legally jumped in the US? I believe if a visiting jumper can legally jump non tso'd in the US if it meets their home countries standards. So what happens if the reserve is used while visiting the US? Avgjoe
  3. To be contrary. How important are freefall skills? Don't we have the best modern equipment with aad's so how important is it that they catch the student anyway. We should concentrate on teaching skills and not flying skills and rely on our quality modern skydiving equipment on the rare time a student gets away from the instructor. Isn't this the same as on S/L or IAD once cleared to 5 sec delays watching a student spin and saying it sucks to be you hope the equipment works.
  4. Why archive past 6 months? Honestly how often have you had a customer request a new copy after 6 months. We know storage is cheap but is it worth the time and effort. The one thing you should do is have the discipline to have a greatest hits file categorized by exits, opening shots, backgrounds or whatever else cool about it. This will allow for a quick search for you greatest hits instead of having to go through a years worth of footage or stills looking for the one magic moment. Are you archiving for your own use or the customers? Avgjoe Hook it for safety
  5. Now lets think about solutions. If the USPA wants to have a "championship" demo team why don't we organize a demo nationals (all rules in the competition manual) and compete for the right to be the official demo team. Have the team split the competition funds interest evenly with all other disciplines. Or do we have the USPA negotiate a national demo contract the farm out the work to the local pro rated jumpers through the regional director who should know the local people who are qualified to perform the demo.
  6. Where is Slade when we need him? RIP buddy How can they arbitrarily reassign the capital from our donations? Or does it say championship team? Is there a national meet to determine who is the best at demo's? What a horrible slap in the face to all people who are trying to scrape by doing demo's. When all else fails lets kick in the teeth of our longest and most visible members. Avgjoe Hook it for safety
  7. Is there a minimum spring force for a reserve pilot chute? I looked in AS8015 and tso requirements and couldn't find it. I remember the RI service bulletin which said 18lbs at 1 inch. Is there an official number? Avgjoe Hook it for safety
  8. How can container manufacturers ban an aad in their rig? An aad does not change the functionality of the reserve deployment. An aad is not required to be used. A container was tso'd with a single reserve but riggers regularly packed other tso'd reserves in the containers. Is this an issue of rigger rights vs manufacturers liability? Avgjoe Hook it for safety
  9. While this is a decent first proposal more things need to be addressed. 70% of our fatalities were under a good canopy. We need everyone to become an ACTIVE canopy pilot. Giving jumpers the tools to react when they discover themselves in a dangerous situation is one matter but teaching them to be an ACTIVE canopy pilot is another. Pattern management and active flying allows you not get stuck in a bad situation. There is damage control and preventive measures. Both sides need to be taught. Avgjoe Hook it for safety
  10. Any updates on the seminars? It is getting fairly near or can I just not find the location of the schedule. Avgjoe Hookit for safety
  11. Heard a rumor they were grounded? Any truth to it?? Avgjoe http://www.flyaerodyne.com/download/SB140111.pdf
  12. Is it worth going to the convention? I looked for a schedule of seminars and couldn't find one. Is it worth full registration or just going to the exhibition hall one day? I am not sure if it is worth the time and the cost. Am I missing something? Avgjoe Hook it for safety
  13. How should I record with my cx100? I am currently recording to the memory card. I figured it would be easier to just trade cards and then dump card to storage device. I heard(haven't tried it) you can copy from hard drive to the memory card but not the other way around. So do I record to hard drive then copy to a card if anyone wants it. What is the current protocol? avgjoe Hook it for safety
  14. So S& TA's don't get a day off, regardless of where they are jumping? They took the badge and are always obligated to uphold the law? No more personal fun jumps... they must selflessly dedicate themselves to save people too stupid to save themselves. For nothing... for you see, S&TA's DON'T GET PAID, and even better get second guessed by dzo's who don't agree with them. OMG who would want that job? Avgjoe Hook it for safety