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  1. Your very short legs causes you sliding backwards, which also increases the fall rate and will make the opening harder. you really have to work on your legs and Body Position and on your Body Tension all over. body Tension also helps to deal better with the opening shock, even on a normal opening. also take care of your head Position, Keep it back all the time and don't turn it to the instructors side during opening. as soon as you feel good again, go back to the DZ and go on! have fun, blue skies ffg edit to add: actually Students usually feel the physical aspects of jumping after a couple of detailed briefing Units on the horizontal Trainer.... a good arch Position will get you in personal contact with some muscles you have never felt before...
  2. I did not actually looked forward my first cutaway. But when it was over I felt good because then I knew I can do the EP right and how it feels like to actually pull the handles in the air ...
  3. [sarcasm on] At least Foggy should jump a smaller canopy than his instructor / formaly Student, right? the elder people earn respect stuff
  4. Interesting Topic! if it has to be an either / or decision, for me it is 100% Hanging harness!! there are different positive things as above mentioned, especially to make it as realistic as possible. as soon as the Student showed a few good EPs, we start stressing him during his EP by shaking the harness quite hard as it could be on a very shaky malfunction. We watch out for any mistakes under stress. Only if he does a good job for a few times in a row, he passes FJC. We don't have a Standing Trainer yet, but I have seen it somewhere else. I also see the pros as mentioned, fast, quick, everyone is invited to do a quick Training. in the FJC the biggest Advantage would be fast rotation of the EP-training without too much physical stress on the Student. so he could first train the correct EP step by step in quite comfortable conditions before hanging in the very uncomfortable hanging harness. for the instructors it would also be more relaxed not having to asamble the 3ring System 100 times on a day :-) blue skies ffg
  5. HI! Thanks for the fast Response! I do not agree with UPT in this Topic. I check my cypres before every jump. And I checkf the reserve pin every jump, but I do not Need to open all 3 flaps of the reserve on each jump. I fully open it once in the morning, then I just look from the side through the small gap on the Position of the pin in the Loop. I assume that opening the flap completely on every jump - so this would be about 5-8 times more than now - could enforce material damage of the stiffener of the flaps. I am aff instructor myself and try to build up safety awarness by explaning the students why certains things are important. Forcing them by technical barriers is only Plan B for me... Maybe I can get it on special customer request... blue skies ffg
  6. Hi everyone! I think about getting a new gear, right now Vector 3 Micron is on top of the list. The extra foam padding is one of the reasons. I only know one very new gear like this and what I absolutely don't like about it, is the Position of cypres control unit below the reserve flap. I absolutely prefer having a window in the yoke or back side of the rig. Maybe anyone knows if it is possible the order a Micron like this?? On the Webpage and all the Pictures I could not find one. thanks a lot for your help! blue skies freeflygirl
  7. my personal opinion: PD reserves are the best. I don't know enough about the PD optima, but I would definitly think about buying one if I had the choice
  8. Hi! We use Vector Student Gears DOM 2004 and are very happy with them. The MLW can be adjusted exactly as you like to do, but you need to be careful to insure that It's the same on both sides. Where I did my AFF instructor course in 2003 they used pretty knew Telesis gears and they had flaps for about 4 different length, so easier to make it symetrical, but not as much choice as the Vector. in fact we do not adjust the length for every student. We kind of use an average position and only for realy big or realy small people use the MLW-adjustion. Have fun buying new gears - I love it :-) blue skies ffg
  9. I do all drawing of potential situations on our DZ's aerial pictures, as it is (imo) much easier for students to understand. I always set up a simulated situation where they have to do, what you showed in your drawing. blue skies ffg
  10. I agree with you, I have not thought about this point yet. blue skies
  11. The gerneral idea is: The more rules you set, the more you personally commit to control these rules. If there is no legal law for an AAD for D-licence holders, and someone dies without an AAD and the accident might have been avoided by an AAD, no one will blame you as DZO. IF you as DZO require an AAD to jump on your DZ and someone dies during a jump without ! an AAD, you could be blamed, because he was able to jump and break your rule. By setting a rule you say, that you consider this 100% necessary to be safe. Even if the state of the art and the law say this is optional. makes sense to you? blue skies ffg
  12. Hi! The closest one I know of is Salgareda, but I haven't been there the last few years. thats what I found in the web: It's closed to a nato base a bit north of venice have fun! edit to add: make sure that they are open in winter, probably they are having snow down there as well at the moment.
  13. Hi there! do you know, who is offering courses in Europe? especially german-speeking region?? I know of Brian Vacher, but he is fully booked for 2007... thanks for your help! ffg
  14. Hi! it's not only safer to stick on the manufactures rules, it's even cheaper to do the regular bat. change during the standard repacks. So you can make plans for the repack-date to meet your jump-plans. If you just wait for the cypres to show the error code, you never know when your aad will be out of order. for some persons (student / tandem) or dz with mandatory aad-use that would ground them without warning. I've already seen this happen with gears that exeed the 500jump limit before reaching the 2years limit. cypres 2 improved a lot, so this topic will lapse in a few years anyway. but it would be indeed nice to get a recycling market for cypres bat. (using the left power to supply energy to any portable electronic stuff like a pocket lamp) blue skies ffg
  15. slotperfect billvon loudiamond skymonkeyone imgr2 fields mark Andrewwhyte bbarnhouse chutingstar tonyt raefordite vidiot(?) riggerrob cssriggers hajnalka milehighpres peek potvinj GravityGirl Jeffrey JerryBaumchen masterrigger1 AirTwardo freeflygirlz It's my first PIA Symposium and I'll be the only one from Austria. So, will someone of you take care of me there? What can you do / visit around Reno at that time of the year? Are DZs in the area open at that time of the year? blue skies ffg