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  1. Hi Tony, long time no see.Bruno Brokken here. I used to do some 3d photos with 2 camera years ago. One way to do is, is with the anaglyph 3D effect.The way to make it viewable on a screen, is to process the 2 pictures in photoshop, overlap them , and use red/cyan glasses to see it. This is a 3d picture I made for Cypres around 2010 (you´ll need the glasses to see the effect)
  2. short video of last weeks event at the pyramids organized by Skydive Egypt
  3. An amazing night display involving CF and firework...
  4. Back in the early 80ies I had an X210 and a good friend of mine had a Pegasus. These pictures were taken in 1983 when we went "paragliding" with those canopies in the French Alps (Mieussy). Don´t think there was a name for that back then... :) The canopy on the left picture is the Pegasus, the other one is the X210. wuk??
  5. 2 other videos missing... wuk??
  6. who knows these songs ( all 3 from old skydiving videos) wuk??
  7. i didn´t keep that footage, basicly it looks like the BOSS system is over-compensating, it actually looked worse then with the steadyshot off. wuk??
  8. This is a video shot with the CX-410 during the recent World Team event in Eloy, no extra wide angle ( as i mentioned before it doesn´t work with the BOSS system on the cx410 ) wuk??
  9. hi, i´ve been trying the cx 410 for some jumps, viewfinder doesn´t have to be flipped, "viewfinder power on" can be disactivated in the menu. It doesn´t have the half moon output , you need to buy the optional "multi" cable for that. Also the BOSS system works fine but only WITHOUT additional wide angle lens. In the menu there´s the option "lens conversion" but only for a tele lens. On the more expensive models, in the "lens conversion" option you have wide and tele. Anyway i tried to jump with a additional wide angle lens and the results of the BOSS system were not good. Without wide angle the BOSS system works really well. The angle of the camera is quite wide, like a 26mm on a full frame stills camera or similar to a 17 mm on a non full frame stills camera. hope this helps Bruno wuk??
  10. I think that having dreams is great...BUT... somehow if this whole thing is not a joke ,it looks dangereous.... Yves Rossy has been working on his Jetman project since the 90ies. His number 1 priority has always been always safety. That´s why when he was trying new designs, he always jumped from a plane at high altitudes . He has been out a control many times ,including flat spins. Even with his background as jet fighter pilot, wingsuiter and skysurfer, the only thing that saved him in some cases, was the the extra altitude and the possibility to release the wing ( which has a recovery system ) and skydive back to safety. Even so , he ´s been lucky a few times. Over the years, his wings have become very reliable, he can now fly in formation with other planes at different speeds, do loops, rolls and climb at more than 1000ft/min. If anyone could take off with a jet powered wing today, it is probably Yves . Why hasn´t he done it yet,...? because of his number 1 priority... safety. The risk is too big that if one of his engine quits at low altitude, he goes out of control.Remember these are RC engines, nowhere as reliable as real jet engines. If you go to speeds fast enough to really lift your wing from the ground ( even only 2 feet high ), there´s enough energy there to flip the whole thing around into the ground in a split second ... Even with a ballistic emergency parachute, the pilot has no chance until he is higher than a few 100 feet off the ground. check out Yves un-powered flights on YouTube: it gives you an idea of the speed these wing is going. Your wing looks like a slower design, but still, you will have 120+kgs (250 + lbs) under a probably sub 3 sq. meter wing (less than 30 sq feet ), that´s a lot of wingloading... If this project is not a joke, not sure what to say, except : try to be safe.. if this is a joke .... well done,better than those Dutch wingflappers ( but they were first......) wuk??
  11. Jetman Yves Rossy´s unpowered flights in the Swiss Alps! wuk??
  12. Last weekend´s display jumps over Anyang, China wuk??
  13. CReW over China last year.Taken with a 24-105mm lens at 105 wuk??
  14. here´s some pictures. wuk??