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  1. Coreefdiver

    DZ choices for student rigs

    I'm not a DZO, but as with most business decisions, I think it has a lot to do with ROI. best features, options and quality for the money. I'm sure experience, and any contractual agreements will play into the decision somewhere ;) I've also seen a lot of the student/rental gear is what ever the main line is of the local loft/SD goody store (usually pretty close relationships (business and/or personal)
  2. Coreefdiver

    Chest strap almost hits neck and chin on deployment

    sounds like the rig is too big for you. did you buy it new or used? I've seen this a bit on demo rigs, where you don't have too much control.
  3. Coreefdiver

    Looking for the LOUDEST audible Altimeter?

    I have a SoloII as well, and I hear it just fine the N3audio may fit the bill, but you need headphones/earbuds, which may just be what you're looking for (?)
  4. Coreefdiver

    Pulling High

    winds aloft and aircraft/airport traffic are a couple concerns. discuss this with your ST&A as not all DZ's are the same
  5. Coreefdiver

    PD price increase......

    thanks for the heads up! I just got the software to do my taxes today.. best get rollin'
  6. Coreefdiver

    Z-hills Safire2?

    did you try calling the Sunshine Factory? they're on the Icarus Demo dealer list.
  7. Coreefdiver

    Saber2 Pilots..

    just the other day I got back from a >1 mile spot from about 3.5k using ~ 1/3 brakes and ~ 1.04 wl on my Sabre2 don't recall the ground winds exactly, but above 1.5k or so, I know I was going into the wind as I was keeping an eye out for an alternate landing spot two out before me, 1 made it to the official dz, the other close, but they pulled lower. none of us were in any danger or at risk for the long spot (upper winds pushed harder than expected) there are trees and ditches, but plenty of open space to land I wouldn't be too concerned when going with the wind as I would against it. Don't be affraid to call for a go-around (before you get out) or keep an eye on where you are in relation to the DZ while in freefall, and pull higher if you have to. Some places don't have the luxury of open space options that others do.
  8. replace them with slinks (soft links), they/re stronger
  9. Coreefdiver

    Formation Balloon Jumps

    saw the thread title and said, 'hey, that would be great idea'. but you already did still cool.. thats pretty high compared to the ballon jumps i've seen.. would help pull off a few points that way.
  10. Coreefdiver

    Are you still afraid of the door?

    no problems here.. LOVE anything with a ramp
  11. Coreefdiver

    traveling with rig.

    this has been asked ad nauseum. goto the website for your AAD mfg, get the x-ray card goto the USPA website and get the letter for the TSA put your rig inside another bag if you can, don't advertise you have a rig, be nice. you will have no problem.
  12. Coreefdiver

    The old AND bold skydiver list

    sigh, it's not me, but I'm probably in the top 5
  13. Coreefdiver

    Cypress +/- 6 Months?

    from the Cypres2 manual (pg 29) download the manual here:
  14. Coreefdiver

    Gear setup/checks to avoid horseshoe/pc in tow

    pc, bridal and d-bag are all part of the container system. Use the MFG recommended/supplied parts and follow their packing procedure. most of which are supplied free of charge (as far as I know) this is an interesting video on packing your PC to help prevent a horseshoe: I use Germain's method to pack my PC, and show it to others. I know this doesn't answer all your questions, but its a start ;)