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  1. flyboy6554

    What was your safest parachute?

    Nimbus 9 cell F-111 230 sq feet......
  2. Proud of you Stratostar!!!! Well done!!!!!
  3. flyboy6554

    GliderSports Skydiving

    I've been jumping at Glidersports for about a year. They are the new best DZ in the area, and it is not just the incredible facilities and aircraft, it is the PEOPLE who run the place. very professional, safe, and dedicated to helping everyone regardless of experience. Couldn't find a nicer bunch, whether it is your first jump or your 1000th jump, Glidersports is the place to be. I've been in the sport over 40 years.
  4. flyboy6554

    Quantico Parachute Club

    Good luck...I was a member and jumped there from Jul 76-Jan 77 while I was going to TBS.....lots of good memories!!
  5. flyboy6554

    Philippine Dropzone needs help

    Isn't there a small dz near the old Clark AFB in Angeles City??
  6. flyboy6554

    Dominican republic

    I've visited the north coast of the DR several times and always stayed in Sosua, small town there on the beach. Never heard of any dz there or anywhere else in the country. I do a lot of scuba diving while I'm there. Most of the country is what we would call impoverished...not sure a dz would have much interest. Good luck!
  7. Rumor has is that Milt Brinkman has already put a bid on an old Boeing 737 that will be converted to a jump aircraft and that the current grass strip at Suppesville will be paved to support the jet for jumping on an "appointment only" basis. Another rumor is that the Kansas City area dzos have already teamed up to petition the FAA to deny the Brinkmans' aircraft purchase AND to lobby against the construction company selected to pave the runway. On a personal note, I have looked into purchasing some unused farm property near the current Suppesville dz where I will install ground to air anti-aircraft missiles designed to shoot down both skydiving aircraft AND any skydivers who don't carry a one million dollar third party liability insurance policy. Also, the Kansas City area dzos have scheduled a boogie to coincide with the opening date of the new "Jump the Jet" operation. How do you like me now, bee-atch?!?!?!?!