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  1. Sad news....first met Gary when I was a student naval aviator in Kingsville Tx, around 1978. He was just getting started with his dz near Beeville TX. Always a super good guy. Rest In Peace, brother.
  2. Truly a terrific guy with a great heart and a true passion for the sport....I spoke with him frequently over the years about some local airport access issues and some of the politics that goes with USPA. He was always a strong advocate for the everyday skydiver. I spoke with him just a couple weeks ago even though I have moved out of his region. Very sad to hear this news.
  3. Truly a great guy.....hadn't seen him in many years.....
  4. I weigh 196 so exit weight around 226 or so.....I have no data for fall rate my altitude warning device doesn't provide that data......seemed a bit softer but altitude for opening seemed about the I said, not very scientific.
  5. OK...made three jumps today on a domed slider from Aerodyne (thanks Marcia!!) was sized for a Pilot 188 and just slightly larger in both dimensions than my current slider that came with my Nitron 170....but it was a domed version.....had significantly slower and buttery soft opening subterminal and a somewhat softer than normal opening at terminal....not a scientific study and no velocity data to back it up but think it was a winner for me.
  6. Did a bunch of jumps with Eric as a fledgling AFF instructor at Skydive El Dorado in Kansas back in the early 90’s.....he was a great guy, terrific instructor and always very humble.....super good memories!!
  7. Thanks for the update.....Just borrowed a domed slider from Aerodyne for my Nitron 170 but haven't tried it out yet.
  8. Did Steve ever organize during the winter at Z-hills?? Wonder if I knew him.....
  9. I've been jumping at Glidersports for about a year. They are the new best DZ in the area, and it is not just the incredible facilities and aircraft, it is the PEOPLE who run the place. very professional, safe, and dedicated to helping everyone regardless of experience. Couldn't find a nicer bunch, whether it is your first jump or your 1000th jump, Glidersports is the place to be. I've been in the sport over 40 years.
  10. I've got a LOT of jumps on a 5TU!!!!!...and a PAPILLON......!!!!
  11. another vote for Glidersports......great staff and nice airplanes.......!!!
  12. I left Okinawa in this is REALLY old one time there was a USMC/Interservice sport parachute club but we only got to jump about once or twice a year during airshows at Kadena with military airlift....after I left someone finally got permission to jump regularly at one of the out islands, at least for a while.....there was also a so so active club at Clark AB Phillipines....well, there is no more Clark AB but I understand the jump activity is still there......I've heard the Tokyo skydiving is so expensive it is beyond most of our budgets.....I know this info has all been useless, but, well, I just had to add it!!