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  1. Elpnor

    Hot Air Balloon jump - USA

    I just did a balloon jump in Perris Ca and that was the slickest balloon jump Iv'e ever done, out of maybe 10, with most being at eloy. 8k altitude, landed on the dz, and amazingly pleasant and professional people running the jump. I haven't jumped at eloy for maybe 7 years, so maybe theyve gotten better there, but I'd highly recommend going to Perris for that type of jump. They'll go any day as long as they have enough people and the winds are good.
  2. I like looking at people's videos from different dzs, but most videos you see on youtube and such are either the epic redbull productions, or grandma doing a tandem. I've looked at vimeo and subscribe to the teem channel. Anyone out there know good sites to see videos, or how to find your typical fun jump vids people take? Am i the only one who misses skydivingmovie.com? It's nice to see all the zoo jumps and watch people at different levels of ability, besides the swoop gods
  3. Elpnor

    hard openings dome slider?

    I just looked at my viso 2. It says fall rate was 134. Fast, but not ungodly. I was doing a sitfly and had transitioned to belly and tracked away from the guy I was jumping with. I flattened out for maybe 4 seconds before pulling. Wing loading is 1.25
  4. Elpnor

    hard openings dome slider?

    I don't think it's the trim of the lines. This is a fairly new sabre 2 with maybe 30 jumps. Not all openings are hard, but most are hardish. The reason a dome slider is appealing is it would seem to give more surface area for the air to push up against, but not allow a the lines to spread out more that a significantly larger slider would. I think the main cause is larger body, faster speeds, equal more force on the lines and that just shoots the slider down. I need that little piece of life saving fabric to hang up there for a moment and give me some love.
  5. Elpnor

    hard openings dome slider?

    Does anyone know if someone still makes dome sliders? I'm having hard openings, and need to slow them down a bit. I've read all the info out there that I could find, including John Leblancs bit, and I don't think it's my packing technique. It's happened when I pack, and a packers pack job as well. I'm kicking around getting a bigger slider, and I've contacted pd about it and am waiting to chat with them, but I thought I'd try herd wisdom as well. It's a sabre 2 230. I'm a bigger guy with a faster fall rate, but not horrific. I double wrap all my stows, and replace the locking stows that show even a little wear. I have 700 jumps, so I don't think it's body position.
  6. Elpnor

    Recommend a DZ (US)

    Depends on when youre going and what your goals are. I love both eloy and perrris, but I wouldn't go to eloy in september. Its still bloody hot. If all you want to do is get in massive jumps, Ive never been weathered out in eloy the two times Ive been there. Perris, sometimes. But Perris is also an easy ride to a lot of things to see, whereas eloy is a bit secluded. If you want to add some sightseeing to your vacay, I'd go to Perris. Both are a couple of the busiest dz s in the world and are fantastic.
  7. Elpnor

    Balloon Jumps @Eloy

    So which company is doing the balloon jumps this year at eloy, and how often are they available? I was thinking about running down there for my bday, and wanted an idea of my chances of some silent freefall. I love skydive az in the cold months
  8. Anyone ever double wrap the large silirings for the locking stows? I've never had one in my hand and have no idea the length or the elasticity of one. But I do like my locking stows to be solid. Regular large rubber bands seem to fray and break too easily.
  9. When I was in fl getting my aff, the wind tunnel helped a lot with the fear. The wife will love it too. Sounds like a nice couples vacation for a weekend. Let us know how the story unfolds. You've put in so much effort so far, it'd be a shame to let a temporary emotional block stop you. The only naysayers I'd listen to are your instructors. If they were to give you a heart to heart that they don't think youve got the ability to learn, then I'd rethink it. Otherwise, make a plan and make it happen
  10. I enjoyed reading your story. I think you can beat this, and it's worth a shot for the joy that comes with skydiving, and doing something with your wife. Fear is amazingly powerful. It developed as a means for our survival and is rooted in our reptilian brain. The cerebral cortex came later and usually loses out in a fight between the two. The trick to overcoming fear is desensitizing and increasing your skill. Everytime you visualize skydiving, youre getting borderline panic attacks and reinforcing that fear. I've totally been there. I think your best bet is going to a wind tunnel. By getting some confidence in your ability to fly your body in a windstream you'll take away a good chunk of the fear away. I'd also develop some physical ability. You didn't say how you lost the weight, or what kind of shape youre in. I'm a very large guy with weight issues that have always plagued my skydiving. Doing half ass yoga gives me more confidence and increases my ability to jump. Also, the first jumps are the hardest. I didn't start to feel less terrified until maybe the 9th jump. One other resource is a fear app. Surf city makes good ones. It's a self hypnosis deal that I think would help. Don't give up! You've done the hard part by dropping the weight. I'm rooting for you, big boy.
  11. Elpnor

    Latch problems with g3

    Thanks Ian and Dave. It's nice to know those bands are replaceable if my g3 develops this problem down the road again. But since I don't want to have a helmet that worries me, I'll return it to chutingstar and get a replacement.
  12. Elpnor

    Latch problems with g3

    So my new g3 helmet is being a bit schizoid on the latch. When I close it, sometimes it shuts tight, other times it seems to be in place, but if I put a finger under the bottom lip, I can open the visor with only marginal pressure. Is this a common g3 problem? It seems likely it would still stay in place on a jump, but I've never had this issue with my g2. Any easy fixes? Thanks all
  13. Elpnor

    G3 mouth piece and grellfab

    Anyone jumping a g3 without the mouthpiece material? Does it really matter? I have a new g3 and it isn't as comfortable as my g2. I have a huge head and thinking about the aero xxl instead. I want to attach a grellfab chin mount, and the one on the aero seems more sturdy. I'm too tall to have little pointy things on my head like the cool kids do. Anyone want to chime in on aero vs g3 or chin mount on both would be appreciated. I'll leave my visor sticker on for a bit while I contemplate life's difficulties.
  14. Elpnor

    Reverse S fold pack job

    Thanks for the video Justin! I've been reverse s folding practicing a lot lately, and it's working pretty well. I can't really put my knees on the folds, or the fabric squirts out, but my technique is getting jumpable. I'm still a bit torn on where to put my knees on the label. Above the grommets, below, or on, although on seems a bit dumb. Anyone else have a vid out there?
  15. Elpnor

    Reverse S fold pack job

    Really? The reverse s fold is standard in Denmark? My ancestors are smart people. I'm going to do a youtube search for Danish pack jobs and see if I can find one. I'd add proper line stow tension to your list of critical items in a pack job. I was blase about my stows before, but now I'm finicky about them. I always double wrap and replace the locking stows when they look damaged. Thanks for the post