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  1. Douggarr

    Your First Reserve Ride - Laying The Foundation

    Good piece. At every Safety Day I make the following announcement: "If you haven't had a cutaway in the last 12 months, it's a good idea to do the hanging harness." I've had four malfunctions, two streamers under rounds (capewells and a belly reserve) and two in the modern era, a bag lock and a spinner, (where I couldn't beat the RSL), and I still follow my own advice.
  2. Douggarr

    10 Things To Note Regarding Malfunctions

    Agree with JimJumper. Forget about your handles. In the old days, holding a main ripcord handle could fuse or tangle with the reserve suspension lines (mostly with belly warts). And yes, they did cause fatalities. This, of course, is no longer an issue. But when you cut away, you're not thinking about the 65 bucks for the reserve repack, so why think about how much it's going to cost to replace a cutaway handle or a reserve ripcord handle.
  3. Douggarr

    Show Me The Money

    Two things have to happen: First, what skycat says about engaging the tandems. Only rarely at a couple of DZs in the NY metro area, where I jump regularly, do I ever see instructors and experienced skydivers talk to the waiting tandem throngs. I try to do this, mostly to show them that skydiving has a brotherly (and sisterly) vibe you can't find in most sports. You hope they think a little about this when they come down from the adrenaline high. Second, DZs need to reward fun jumpers (not just comp teams) with frequent jumper rewards. Loyalty should be encouraged. Not just on cheapo $21 Wednesdays and Fridays when things slow a bit during season.'s this... Make 10 jumps in two weeks and we give you a freebie? We have to get out of this mentality of discounting at the beginning stages (tandem). It's like the freakin' phone companies paying you to switch, and not giving you anything for being a long-time customer.
  4. Douggarr

    The Horizontal Flight Problem

    This is a piece that should be read by every S&TA at DZs with high-capacity loads and multiple aircraft turning.
  5. Douggarr

    Skydive Sussex

    Rich Winstock, a USPA board member, now is a co-owner and operator of this DZ. If you're in the New York area, it's a must to get some jumps here in your log book. The staff is first-rate (I know them all -- refugees from another DZ). And if you're looking to do a tandem, I highly recommend Sussex because of the staff's experience.
  6. Douggarr

    SOS World Record Attempt

  7. Douggarr

    Bill Newell SCR #3 has passed...

    Great tribute, Sandy. Thanks for posting. My only addition is that yes, knowing him was a privilege. He was a terrific guy, besides being a special skydiver. One of the great emissaries of our sport.
  8. Douggarr

    Pioneer Ted Strong is gone!

    This is a shock. I just jumped with Ted last month at the Pioneer's reunion up at Orange, Mass. Went to the web site but there are no details yet. I'm going to e-mail Dan Poynter, and others to find out. Ted really took care of himself and was in great shape for his age. I still can't believe this.
  9. Douggarr


    Jump your ass off kid, right away. You'll find it soon if this is something you love. Ask a lot of questions. Read a lot. Don't be embarrassed to ask for gear checks. This is an unforgiving sport. Stay safe and have fun. You'll find a lot of skydivers at lots of DZs ready to help you.
  10. Douggarr

    Skydive Elsinore

    Hammo's place is a gem. Jumped there in April for the first time with the SOS geezers. That week we were treated like royalty, from office to packing area. The vibe at the Bomb Shelter reminds you of the early days of DZs, where you hang out for hours just talking about skydiving. It's not as buffed as Perris, but that's the point. We don't need no swimming pool or full bar. (It would be nice, though.)
  11. Douggarr

    Skydive Long Island

    This comes with bias; I know the DZO -- Ray Maynard -- from the early days and we competed in Para-ski meets together. He's a first-rate skydiver, pilot, and knows how to run a drop zone as well as anybody. Finding the old Grumman field and getting the FAA and town fathers to agree to skydiving here was nothing less than a miracle. He's built it up into a place any skydiver can respect and call home. I've jumped all over -- including other countries -- and after a very long layoff, I made a couple of skydives here. It's a great place for students, first-timers, and sky gods alike. You have to love the two turbos, and Ray fires them up to make sure nobody waits too long for a load. Oh, and by the way, the views of Long Island from altitude are absolutely breathtaking and compare with any other place in the world.
  12. Douggarr

    SLATE on Skydiving

    Thanks for this post, Howard. I did get a little exercised about that Slate article. I hope you thought my reply was worthy. I know my book gets out there when it comes to risk assessment, etc., but my feeling is if you're going to talk about it, talk about it honestly.