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  1. Frenchy68

    Jumping in Shanghai

    It's never been done before...
  2. Frenchy68

    BASE Zone "Dream Moderator"?

  3. Frenchy68

    DZ proche de cote d'azur (en francais)

    Regarde cette carte et selectionne "France" dans le menu de droite.
  4. Frenchy68

    dropzones in the south of france

    Le Luc Entre Cannes & Saint Tropez.
  5. Frenchy68

    chicks rock boogie

    Moa! (et c'est "Chicks Rock").
  6. Frenchy68

    heaviest tandem passenger?

    Shouldn't this thread belong in the Swooping and Canopy Control forum?
  7. Frenchy68

    Lens, France

    Be careful. Officially, USPA membership is not accepted in France, and you may have to join the FFP (about 90€, and the need for a doctor's certificate stating you are apt to practice freefall). Some DZs may look the other way, but not all do.
  8. Frenchy68

    Ecole de parachutisme de Chateau-d'Oex

    Amazing group of people. Their smiles are contagious, and you feel like you belong right from the first minute. Safety conscious, yet they want to make sure you have a great time. And the views over the lake(s) and the Alps is simply breathtaking. Andreas & Co., you guys have created a gem. Will go there, like on a pilgrimage, on every trip I make to France. Very, very cool DZ.
  9. Frenchy68

    What would happen?

    Much faster reaction to toggles/risers input (which means, among other things, faster loss of altitude). Which is fine when having the situation under control, but: a/ look at the incident thread (as I am sure you already have many times). b/ in my extremely limited experience, one aspect of landing that is overly overlooked when people do downsize is the "oh! fuck me!" landing. Downwind in someone's backyard, crosswind in a vineyard, etc... Standing up 100 landings in a row does not mean one have full control of a canopy. I realize that pretty much every time I jump. In any case, BillVon's list is a good indicator of what one should be able to do before downsizing. Once again, from an extremely limited experience. Be safe.
  10. Frenchy68


  11. Frenchy68

    wuza locké.... des news ??

  12. Frenchy68

    Bonne fête les petits cousins!

    Enfin quelque chose de censé dans ce forum! Merci.
  13. Frenchy68

    OMEGA Harness & container

    From what I've read, same goes for Austria, France and Germany.
  14. Frenchy68


    There's been many threads about this, including one currently active in Safety & Training. Best thing to do: have your instructors look at your landings and comment on them. Don't worry, you're not the first one with this problem.
  15. Frenchy68


    Uh... Hi everyone.