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  1. I just had some made a couple of days ago from www.rubberstamps.net . I think they were under $3 each. I cut and pasted the box man from the competition manual.
  2. How many millions was Jeb looking to raise to build his ramp? Who knew he could have just went to the Uhaul store.
  3. I failed my first PRCP on a Sunday. I practiced a ton to get it into muscle memory. 3 times a day I did a set of 15 practice pulls. I closed my eyes looked at the instructor, jumped off the strut, arched, counted and pulled each time. I had no problem from then on. You can keep visualizing the process as well. When I am riding up to altitude for an RW jump I am visualizing the jump from my point of view and 3rd person. My hands are moving and my head is turning to see what I should be looking at. You look silly as hell but it works for me and it seems to be quite common on a belly load to look around the plane and see people with their eyes closed visualizing the jump. Being really new though, you could probably just practice on the ground and spend the ride to altitude thinking of things to relax you. Breathe and smile even if it is forced, they say it helps. And if you arch like crazy it will keep you stable. Think of a badminton birdie it always falls the way it does because of its shape. If your static line program is as cheap as mine was its not that big of a deal if you fail a jump. If you don’t pressure your self as much and realize that even if you miss the pull you still get to jump out of a plane and practice your canopy skills. After you are done with your license it might cost you money to get canopy coaching anyways.
  4. Although I'm confident that the carbon is strong enough that seems to be an extra messure of re-enforcement. Thanks.
  5. After searching the forums and boneheads site I could not find ways that people have mounted their Altimaster Galaxy to Bonehead's mud flap altimeter mount. http://www.boneheadcomposites.com/m8/503--mud-flap-altimeter-mount.html I called Bonehead and they said they do not give instructions on how to mount the altimeters because they do not wish to be responsible for one falling off. Here is how I attached mine. 1)Remove wrist strap. 2)Tape Alti-2 back plate to mud flap mount as a template. 3)Drill holes in the mud flap mount. 4)Use the existing screws with thread lock to attach Altimaser Galaxy to mud flap mount. Ive attached some pics. Reply with thoughts or other mounting options.
  6. Considering they put a snowy ski hill in the desert I don’t think a reef is that far off.
  7. Good point here you go http://www.facebook.com/moosejaw?ref=ts
  8. Ok there is a photo contest going on right now on facebook and it has become more of a battle of supporters then a photo contest. Go to Facebook and search for moosejaw. It's neck and neck but I think we can win. All you have to do is like the photo.
  9. Work! Made that drive 8 times for extended business trips. Enjoyed pegasus Skydiving while I was there.
  10. I want a disk that big. I hit our for the first time this weekend. Its maybe 10"- 12" not 5 feet.
  11. If your going to compete in accuracy I would think getting within 6 feet 25 times would be easy. I thought accuracy meets are won and lost over centimeters?
  12. Flat turns were not really explained to me during my A progression but listening to Skydive radio and Brian Germain talk about how you need to do it so many times that is instinct. Now usually every couple of jumps I’ll spend my holding pattern time doing flat turn rather than just goofing off. Although I hope I never have to use them chances are I will at some point and I hope when the time comes it is instinct for me as well. Thanks for the post! I think it helps reiterate what I have been hearing.
  13. My personal goal is to become an old skydiver. I'm not planning on jumping a camera until 200 jumps and coaching from a camera jumper. I don't jump in winds above 20. And when I noticed one of my friends who still can’t stand up his landings thinking about jumping in 26mph winds I told him he would be a fucking idiot if he went on the load. It worked. I think another possible option might be to channel the general nature of skydivers. Could there be a way to give achievements to completing canopy control cards or skills? Why not make a model based on video games to give achievements for the most mundane things that people wouldn’t have even thought about doing before. As a new skydiver I want to get my 4-stack not because I want to do CRW (yet) but because its there. If there were awards for more things I know I would try and get them. I’m not saying USPA needs to send things out but they could start an online method of tracking them. If there were ways to track how many times I hit the disk in the peas verses my friends, I know I would start taking accuracy more seriously. Instead of forcing people to be safe why not think about more proactive ways of improving skills. As a side note; I hate seatbelt laws although I wouldn’t drive without one. Just a thought
  14. I talked someone else into driving down with me. Gas savings = 4 more jumps wwwooo hoooo.
  15. Personal opinion. I think that if you take away peoples ability to kill or hurt themselves with smaller parachutes they will just figure out how to do it with big ones. There will always be people that get bored with the skydive and need to find a rush some new way. 1980 -89 34.1 Avg fatalities 90-99 32.3 00-09 25.8 2006-2010 21.2 How where they killing them selves in the 80's?