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  1. Alcohol is a depressant...that might do it
  2. eeneR

    New PM notification

    In your profile you can disable the mystuff and it moves up top right back where it used to be!
  3. eeneR

    unable to get into bonfire?

    You have been kicked off the island.
  4. eeneR

    Another ACL question!

    I am curious why you need a doctors note saying it is fine to jump? It is just a knee surgery that was 3 years ago.
  5. eeneR

    Strange posting error

    I got the same thing as well as this too A fatal error has occurred: Unable to index 1 posts in forum_Post starting with id: 2187741. Error: Lock obtain timed out: Lock@/tmp/lucene-b2e41b922170d5c855cd97703116081a-write.lock Please enable debugging in setup for more details. Posts do go thru fine however.
  6. If I choose to not exit the plane, yes I have had to pay. However, if the plane comes down entirely due to weather then no I didnt pay. You need to make the call on the ground before going up. And if you still change your mind at least in my eyes $22 is better giving away then having one of those "Im up here wishing I was down there, instead of down there wishing I was up there" scared as hell moments.
  7. eeneR

    Shoulder Problems

    Just a about going and having your shoulder fixed?? There are a few threads on shoulder surgery on here. I had mine fixed last year.....
  8. eeneR

    looking for freefly training opinion

    The key question will be...can you back fly and stable? Im sure one of the fine instructors from SVC will pop in, but I do know that before you do any FFing in any tunnel SV style you need to learn to back fly first. A lot of people do not realize exactly how much you move around in freefall until they get into a tunnel..and the walls hurt.
  9. eeneR

    Canopy deflation

    Just an FYI...Trees also can cause turbulance As well as alot of other things besides just the hanger.
  10. eeneR email

    actually this just happend to me today...something that was sent on the 17th...just showed up in my mailbox today
  11. that is a very difficult question to answer, each person is goign to be different. You need to take a look at your overall progression. You already said you cannot squat, that will be a problem in most benchless aircraft. Also added to that if you some how boch a landing just a lil bit requiring you to sit on your foot. you will tear all the work they just did. Range of motion is going to be key, followed by strength, You need BOTH of these to be safe. the sky will be there another day. Take the time to let things heal fully before you go risking doing further damage. background: ACL done in 93' I was cleared to ski at 4.5 months, and had full range (could squat) and full strength by then. I just had my shoulder done in may, and am leaning towards the cautious side at the moment, as I do not have enough strength just yet in the area key to skydiving....well either i wait or change to left hand deploy I can deploy just fine on the ground, but im not 100% sure with 120mph winds what it will do anyway, the key here is you need to really make sure you are ready. This sport is more then just physical, it is mental. If you go up worried about your landing, you can distract yourself, and with all that worry, make yourself do something stupid. On top of the physical need to make sure mentally the knee is not an issue of concern
  12. eeneR

    forward movement

    Legs are far better....but it depends on how you are using your arms to drive forward. If you are pulling them back, what happens when you dock? you reach forward, which will then change a few things. You rally want to keep your arms in front of you when docking. This is where mantis comes in, you fly with your legs primarily, and arms in front. There is a way in that position to use your arms effectively with out moving them back, but I think that is for a whole other lesson. I have spent a few hours in the tunnel re-learning to fly more effectively, and it has been an amazing learning experince
  13. eeneR

    premier membership, why?

    Heh, first off, HH gives us a kick ass place to play and learn, I dont mind donating a few extra bucks for the time I spend here playing on his site. Otherwise most of the $$ comes from his wallet... Second, for what ever reason, the webmail here isnt blocked at my work, so I have access to personal email at work thru The expanded email acct size is nice since I use it. Third, I also use the hell out of PM's too. so being able to sort them into folders is very very nice. and finally forth, I also do use the expanded search function. Sorry that you think they are useless and fabricated to make money for a site that lots of people use the heck out of, and dont give a dime to help with the over head.
  14. Other....first three... I have small hands