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  1. b52

    Rafale vs. Freak2 ?

    If you had 2 reserve rides in ~40 jumps in a freak, I’d be seriously worried about my pull technique. Did it not fit well? Never had issues with both PF and Squirrel so not sure what you did. Le pull is easy in both. Now the onesie pull seems to be the future and my favorite. Regarding no pulls in the freak, there have been several in PF suits too. This is a useless discussion just as the recent reserve canopy manufacturer discussion in my opinion.
  2. b52

    Coaching in the World of Skydiving

    I am surprised dzs allow people to coach who obviously can't fly in proximity to the student, whether that is belly, freefly, wingsuit... What's the point of coaching if you are so far away that your video is useless and you therefore cannot debrief?
  3. b52

    S-Fly Fury

    Thanks for your first impressions. Can you talk a bit about glide ratio, fall rate, forward speed,... Are you going to bring it to Perris?
  4. Thanks for the detailed review. I'd love to see the flysight log ;)
  5. b52

    Neptune 3

    Great device, works like a charm. I have one and don't need it anymore. Let me know if you are interested.