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  1. denete

    AFF Phenominon

    Go for it.
  2. denete

    Another post from Tuna

    Get it in a pressure chamber and/or consider buying a new one. The cost versus not dying is a pretty easy comparison for most people.
  3. denete

    Hard opening ruined me.

    (never mind this post, I just re-read the OP) :)
  4. denete

    Who Looks More Scared . . .

    I wonder how many jumps it took for the guy to figure out to wrap the claws. I hope he had some bandages and antiseptic waiting at the DZ.
  5. denete

    log book

    If you use MS Office, try Excel. This was discussed sometime in the past 3 months though, so a search might help. - David
  6. denete

    If you run a tandem mill?

    So, if it's not the pay...what does that leave?
  7. denete

    Pond Swoop

  8. denete

    Sunset Swoop

  9. denete

    The Havok Helmet

    I bought the Havok due to having an awful time with over-the-glasses goggles. Everything that I tried was inadequate, and caused problems with depth perception on landings. The Havok fits well over my glasses (mine are a bit wider than most), and has been easy to deal with under canopy as well (opening, closing, etc.). I have not yet baked the liner, so mine is pretty tightly fitted. I will be baking it this week and can post an update after jumping it again. The photo shown in the review for this helmet isn't what the current iteration looks like. Take a look at . - David
  10. denete

    Full face helmet

    I've seen a few people who broke the face shield on their full face helments and rather than replace them, just wear goggles with the helmet. It gives the protection for impacts around the face, but also the feeling of having an open helmet. Just a thought.
  11. denete

    Shoulder Injuries

    I don't have any solutions, but I wanted to let you know that I'm having the same thing. I've never had shoulder injuries, but after jumping I've been having pain in just my left shoulder. I can feel it if I raise my elbow higher than my shoulder. I'm hitting the Advil and waiting for it to subside. It showed up after my 3rd and 4th jumps.