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  1. Hi. I used it for another 10 jumps yesterday, Compared it against my viso for 3 Jumps - EXCELLENT!!! Here is some improvement I think will be nice: 1. The most important for me is the option to start the app not on the ground... Just to skip the GPS calibration and calibrate it to zero or to higher altitude manually. 2. The option to invert colors so it will be easier to read. 3. I will be happy to be able to cancel the GPS for better battery life. 4. the option to stop and resume later (jus like Garmin's activities) I got the data on my phone, I couldn't see all the data on the phones app so I opened Garmin connect on the web and it is all there, looks very accurate data. Thanks Gilead
  2. Hi today I jumped with my new Fenix 7 sapphire solar - the app works perfect!!! I compered it to my Viso and it was as accurate as the Viso during the free fall and canopy flying.
  3. Any news about Epix? I want to upgrade my Fenix 6 and trying to figure out if it will be Fenix 7 solar sapphire or Epix....
  4. I really love to the Psycho-pack, much easier to get the canopy, especially a new one, into the D-bag. I used it on my xaos 21 for few hundreds of jumps and it was great, Just wondering if someone tried it on a Valkyrie already....
  5. Hi folks, Long time ago I saw that grest movie, very funny. Any chance it is still somewhere on the net? Thanks
  6. 51 and active, don’t know for how long. Just remember one point - a 22 years old doesn’t see much different between 30 and 60, both are very old.....
  8. Paradive Israel, Very nice view and amazing facilitiy, but sadly it is a tandem factory for the last 8 years
  9. Yes, it was connected. Don't get me wrong - it was a very good experience!!! From my point of view there is 2 scenarios for the reserve line twists: - 1. you have enough time to release the twists - no problem - 2. you don't have the time/altitude to release the twists - be happy you have an inflated canopy over you head
  10. 8-10 twists...??? That's a lot of twists!!! Here is my Skyhook experience ( Vector 3 Micron / Xaos 21 94 sqf loaded @ 2.0:1 / PDR 113) I can tell you that the spin was very violent before I chopped. Gilead
  11. Hi folks Does anybody uses Fenix 3 as skydiving altimeter? Did anyone tried it and can share Insights? For the last few years I'm using Suunto Ambit (1,2 and now3 peak) as my altimeter and it works very good but I want to change it. Thanks Gilead
  12. I do not use the power saving at all, can't take the chance it will go to sleep in the middle of the jump. I have extra battery with external wall charger, this solved all my problems
  13. [url ""]clicky[url]
  14. clicky Definitely one of the best