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  2. I was wondering the same, recently I was looking for that cool promotional clip ghostrider I think it was called produced by Birdman suits to promote maybe the skyflyier 3 at that time it was the shit!
  3. So I tried the New Indian Roadmaster and after a long debate I think thats what I will get next year. amazing ride to the keys with a friend and some drone footage. Older video a few months ago. Comments and suggestions on the videos are welcome.
  4. BETO74

    Motorcycle trip

    How is Zack Brown Toes?
  5. BETO74

    Motorcycle trip

    Little vid of a trip to the Keys in a motorcycle short and long version. Was told country did not go well with it,not that I give a crap, opinions, suggestions ideas ARE appreciated tho.
  6. I couldn't find the link for sure shot system could you post it? I am actually looking for something like this for a presentation in a conference next month
  8. Just got a new UPT micron container I decided to go with the semi stoles deployment bag, I'm interesting in anyones experience with it
  9. BETO74

    Motorcycle trip

    Umm I heard of the tail of the dragon always wanted to make a trip there is really not that far from Fl
  10. BETO74

    Motorcycle trip

    Umm Not sure I wanna be in Fantasy fest in a motorcycle ! there is a nice sign out side key west says fatalities to date # and the day of the last one, not sure that number has ever passed 20 days !
  11. BETO74

    Motorcycle trip

    Next month will be my second motorcycle trip to the Keys, this time with some high school friends Wild Hogs style! I already been countless times and after going there last year in a motorcycle I don't think I will ever take a car there! Wondering if anyone has a favorite motorcycle route they like to share
  12. I'll look into it thanks guys...
  13. So I stopped shooting videos about 3 years ago, I used a go pro for fun jumps for a while and haven't jump in 1.5 years getting back in the action. What what are the cool kids using for professional video? not looking for still camera advice I have a Nikon w an 8mm lens I can use, (even for video) any recommendations? how about the Sony HDR-PJ540 ?
  14. 3 hrs of tunnel x $700 $2,100 without coaching! 500 jumps x $ 21 = $10,500 this is without counting on living expenses packing jobs etc. plus at 500 jumps I doubt you will want to fly the canopy you are flying now. This will barely be enough to get a tandem rating and work at a DZ assuming you find one that will allow you to work there with low experience.