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  1. This is the best adaptor with the 90 degree connector http://www.exitequipment.com/switches_xq025.html
  2. OK, thanks I also have a spare battery is just annoying to put on and off the camera all time
  3. I just bought a sony A6000 and connected to a tongue switch adapter. The tongue switch works ok, but when the camera goes to sleep mode it doesn't wake up with the switch, not even with he trigger button. I need to push the menu button first. Does anyone knows how to arrange that. Battery life is really disappointing with this camera so I want to try to save battery as much as I can.
  4. Nope, and the image doesn't represent a crossbrace neither.
  5. Does anyone have the line trim specifications for a xaos 21 88sqf? And yes, I already check precision's site and is not indicated there. And I already sent emails and have no answer. Thanks
  6. I bought from US several times with no problem. But, I bought last year a reserve canopy (PDR 113 from drop zone classified) the canopy never shows up. I called the seller by phone and he said that the canopy was sent but that he had lost the mail track number (He is a pilot and he was temporarily in south America, he said). After a month I started a claim to PayPal and they returned my money. So again: 1 Ask for references, pictures, ask questions etc. 2 Use a third part if you can 3 Use Paypal Gustavo
  7. I'm using a EOS Xt and Iso 800 is too grainy for me. I know that the T2i and T3i has improved a lot on high iso though. Maybe Santa can send to me a T3i for Christmas
  8. Are you sure that is ISO800 at 5.6 aperture that you are using? seems overkill in a sunny day
  9. I've been using ones for a while and its works perfect its a new era for blow switches
  10. Blow switch= Blow Job (nice) Bite Switch = Bite Job (thats hurts) Tongue Switch= Tongue Job? (nice?)
  11. Nop I dont have that template I will contact sony Thanks