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  1. Hey guys, Looking for the contact info for the DZO/manager (or both, if separate) at Skydive Carolina. PM me if you'd prefer. Thanks, Mike
  2. Hi all, We're Australia's most spectacular skydive - right next to the 12 Apostles, right on the coast and right on the Great Ocean Road.
  3. Hey guys, Does anyone know the repack cycle in the UAE? Do they operate with the FAA 180 days?
  4. Hi all, Does anyone have access to or able to point me in the direction of the most current PIA canopy sizing (ie volume) charts? Thanks, Mike
  5. Thanks guys. It was out of a 208. I think Wendy is talking about the right incident. It was caused by an incorrectly assembled 3-ring (loop though middle ring) that wasn't able to cutaway what looks like a hung-up toggle. No issues with slider and no step through on the main. He did activate the reserve, but it never left the container.
  6. Hi all, I'm looking to find out some more info on a double fatality. It was a tandem pair from a Brazilian registered plane. Hop main canopy that spun into the ground. I'd say it was within the last four or five years. Anyone have any info? Thanks, Mike
  7. Hey all, Does anyone know of a sizing chart for racer 2k3s? Thanks, M
  8. There was a chop at my DZ the other day that resulted in a skyhook deployment of the reserve, which opened with 8-10 line twists. The main was a sabre 2 170, wl ~1.1 with possible brake fire and definite line twists. He cutaway and his smart 175 came out with the above mentioned line twists. All the posts suggest that a skyhook means no line twists etc, or that your main would have to be rotating at 120rpm to give you a full twist etc. I was seeing threads with "I was spinnning under my velo...no twists on the reserve" etc and just wondering if that was the accepted truth of skyhooks or the de rigueur explanation from when those posts were made.
  9. Thanks for your thoughts guys. I'm with you in that I'd rather have my reserve open hard than sit there and snivel me into the ground, of course, but just wanted to hear other's experiences.
  10. Hey all, A quick question for some of you. I recently had one of my reserve packs deployed and they complained (perhaps that's too strong a word) that the opening left them winded. It was a micro raven loaded at 1.2. I don't have my log with me, but the size would be in the 135 to 150 range. It was deployed at terminal after a hard pull on her main. She was jumping at eloy so perhaps the extra altitude didn't help (eloy is 1500ft msl?) I packed it in accordance with the manufacturers instructions. She didn't give a glowing review of the canopy (it preferred turning left to turning right apparently), but I'm wondering if micro ravens have a reputation for opening hard, or if there is some way I can improve my technique with them to not kill my customers (and friends)? Thanks, Mike
  11. Do you happen to have a link to the video?
  12. Hadnt seen the video, was just having a conversation with friends. One of the planes we regularly jump, a PAC cresco, wouldn't allow the pilot to help, so we started wondering what your options would be without a knife or anyway for someone else to release you. I'm absolutely a fan of hook knives too.
  13. So, you've exited last, or maybe you were the only tandem on board it doesn't really matter, you're hung up by your single point restraint. You don't have a hook knife, or perhaps dropped it in all the excitement. You're hanging out and below the aircraft. Pilot is unable to help as he is enclosed in a separate cockpit. You can't reach the buckle on your single point. Pilot has or doesn't have a bail out rig, depending on your local rules. What do you think your options would be? Also, in your country are single points and/or hook knives mandatory?
  14. Anyone know what size canopies they are using for the 17,000ft msl tandem landings?