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  1. jrmrangers

    i killed myself today..

    WOW!!! Im glad your here to tell the story!! Besides Nicci would have been so upset it would have brought her to tears!!!
  2. In a heartbeat ! Not because I want to help an asshole that knows everything but because I don't want him to kill so Eons else while doing his thing!!
  3. jrmrangers

    Mirage G4 or Infinity Rig

    I have fewer jumps than you do and i never jumped the Mirage but i just got my Infinity and i LOVE it! The fit is incredible the riser and pin protection are top notch and i got it quickly (compared to some other rigs) I have a 210 Spectre in it and my rig will fit a 190 optimum. Feel free to PM me if you have more infinity questions.
  4. jrmrangers

    my first rw jump!!

    Damn , i am i computer retard, could someone fix my clicky please
  5. jrmrangers


    I recently got my license and wanted to upgrade from the crappy second hand helmet I've been using so I did some helmet research. Ultimately the price, the construction and the comfort made me go with the ROK. Its super comfy yet perfectly snug so it doesn't move around on your head. I'm able to wear my sunglasses with this helmet which is a big bonus to me. All in all if your looking for on open face helmet , you cant go wrong with the Rok!!
  6. jrmrangers

    (too) Lightly loaded

    yup, when you start going backwards in the breeze its a bad thing!!
  7. jrmrangers

    Kudos to the n00b~

    I went to a new dropzone for the first time where i knew no one and they didnt know me. they gave me a safety breif and put me on a load. As i was sitting there watching the winds i didnt like what i saw so i pulled myself off the load. i waited a few hours but i was able to get a couple of jumps in at the end of the day.
  8. jrmrangers

    First Aid Kit

    Theres a bunch of pre loaded first aid kits out there that are pretty good. Im in constuction and we almost always have them on the jobsites. If you go to a medical supply shop im sure you can find one in the price range. Good luck and Blue Skies!
  9. Where in NY? I'm on staten island and I'm starting at the ranch this weekend. I'll be going up there as often as I can so if your close and interested in going to the ranch, I'm sure we could hook up.
  10. jrmrangers

    so you think you got M4(I 5I<llI5, aye

    Theres a few true oh shit moments in that clip. Do you know if only one person in it didnt make it i saw a few that looked tough to survive.
  11. jrmrangers

    BedBugs and rig

    im not sure if it will harm it but if you stick it in the freezer for a while they will die. cold is what most of the exterminators are using that are chemical free