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  1. Did the author say they were flying a 135---and that it was the smallest canopy they'd ever flown---and their reserve was a 126? Ummm, isn't that a big no-no? Or am I trippin?
  2. Anyone else have this problem? Polarized sunglasses filtering out the display on your altimeter? It seems like non-polarized ones have lots of draw backs. I guess it's just physics? Or are there different types of polarization? Anyone have suggestions for polarized sunglasses that work well for skydiving---and don't filter out altimeter displays?
  3. I was under canopy once recently and I glanced at my altimeter and it was dead. Battery, I guess? Wait, I know I charged that shit. I glanced again, same result; but then I lowered my chin and peeked over the top of my sunglasses: boom, clear altimeter reading. I raised my chin: disappeared. Lowered: reappears. Something to do with my sunglasses' polarization or something. It doesn't always happen, only when the sun is at a certain angle or clouds are doing something or whatever. Question: as skydivers who have to read digital altimeters and need excellent visibility and clarity what type of sunglasses suit us best? Polarized? Nonpolarized? Other considerations? Thoughts, suggestions?
  4. Any streaming service where I watch Cutaway?
  5. Did I just see Bill Booth answer the phone in "The Firm"? The Firm = mediocre legal thriller movie from the 90s, Tom Cruise, Gene Hackman.
  6. I'm just wondering what people think about the black hardware option: how long does last? Think it's worth the upcharge? Any considerations with it other than asthetics? Thanks y'all!
  7. Still haven't decided, leaning towards a Vector. Both are top-notch for sure. I'm curious: why doesn't UPT have articulation/rings at the chest strap? Seems like every other manufacturer does.
  8. It seems like Curv owners rave about the fit/comfort factor. No surprise there! What about pin and riser protection? Are they FF, WS friendly? Do they age well? Are Vectors actually UNcomfortable? I think Ive jumped one once or twice, don't remember comfort level--wasn't custom made to my body anyways. Does the PC actually sit higher on a Curv?
  9. Interestingly; 2 years is average wait time for a new rig these days :O Bwaahaaa!!!!!
  10. Welp, I dun narrowed it on down to a Curv or a Vector. I'm wondering: is it just pure personal preference, or are there any glaring differences between the two? Mojo seems on par with Skyhook now, so there's that. RI and UPT both have solid reps, both rigs are TSO compliant, both are top notch and so on. But, when I google reviews on these two there's just not a ton of info. Hence this post. I've read up and asked around but still feel like there's some knowledge/wisdom to be gleaned. How would you complete these sentences? (like, if you're bored and wanna help a brother out) * Dude, get a Curv because they're_____and they've got superior______ * Broski, get a Vector because..." " " " " " * Check it out man, the real differences between the two are___________ * I'm a rigger and I say definitely get a________because_______ * I've jumped/owned both and___________________ * Fun fact: Bill B and Sandy R both have enormous__________and have been known to_______after some beverages * Both are great, but Curv for_________and Vector for___________ Or make up your own sentences, it's all good. I'm just going straight up bonkers trying to figure this out. The $hit is expensive and I'll have to live with my decision for many years---it's like buying a car or house or something. I'm preaching to the choir, I know. I must choose...wisely... Thanks for any and all advice/wisdom/suggestions
  11. St Louis. Turbine DZs are 3+ hours away. Sucks.
  12. My 2 cents: A) Dress warm but be sure not to restrict your movement, range of motion. Work it out on the ground. Be sure. B) You're only up in the cold for some minutes. If you're comfortable on the ground you'll probably be fine at altitude--you're heart's beating faster, adrenaline etc. You may not even notice the cold that much. Good luck with your training. Jump safe!
  13. I’m coming up on 400 jumps and I’m keen to really break through to the “next level.” First I’d like to train to clean up any and all deficiencies or bad habits in free fall, canopy piloting and skydiving in general. Then I’d like to explore becoming an AFF instructor and perhaps a TI. I’m reading up in the SIMS and various things on line, asking questions at the DZ etc. I know there are a number of places here in the states that offer the training I’m looking for. I’m wondering if anyone here has advice or suggestions as far as the best places to train, any pitfalls I should be aware of, other things to do to get it right the first time—any advice/wisdom in general. Thanks everyone, and blue skies!
  14. I've just ordered a Sabre2 170 which I'll be loading at about 1.3 to 1. I have 360ish jumps.Current canopy is a Pilot 188. I've taken Flight 1 courses 101 and 102. I've been reading reviews, discussions etc about the Sabre2 and there seems to be a recurring theme regarding openings: off heading, end cell closures and hard openings come up often--very often, in fact. Off heading and slow-to-inflate end cells aren't a huge concern for me. Hard openings are. PD describes the openings as predictable, soft, on heading etc. Now, I don't wanna get all into the intricacies of marketing and advertising crap, but I'm inclined to trust PD. They are a proven outfit and clearly one of the beacons of professionalism in our sport. The Sabre2 being one of, if not the most, popular canopy out there gives us ample data. It doesn't seem plausible to call it a fluke--there's just too many instances to chalk this all up to poor body position, crappy packing and the like. So I suppose my question is: what gives? Has PD addressed this? Are people really just lousy packers and/or always out of position when they deploy? Or should I be a little nervous? (MY APOLOGIES IF THIS HAS BEEN ADDRESSED IN SOME OTHER THREAD. I know its been discussed but I haven't seen anything conclusive. Blue skies!)