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  1. OK Ill play devil's advocate here. I have 2 close DZO friends who have had 2 TI's open up competing businesses at the same airport after working for them for several years. These individuals were successful also in luring away other staff and using the successful business model the original DZO had created. The DZO community is small and when stories like these surface, operators take measures to protect what they've invested and how they provide for their families.
  2. Seems like when 5g hits...the need for removable media will go the way of the need for horseshoes for you mode of transportation.
  3. Get a tandem rating and a double go pro "selfie" glove. :)
  4. At .20 a dvd and 2 gb thumbs at $3, it seems we're still going the route of giving the student removable media, dvd more than thumbs. Seems so old school now. Has anyone made use of UStream or its competitors as a media delivery source instead of DVD's?
  5. Fool you into wearing Mr Baggy the they arch like a wet noodle. Break out the dead spider hand signal!
  6. We dumped all of our SanDisk micros and went higher end. Our comp guy recommended Samsung.
  7. Love when that happens in the door or on jump run.Quote
  8. We had the same problem w/ hero 3's. Dumped the SanDisk cards for Samsung and format in camera everyday. No more corruption.
  9. 20 years doing tandems and Im just now getting fed up with spit / snot on my face! I'm looking at a G3 or the new bonehead Aero...Quote
  10. Houston…we have a problem. The DZ has a huge bug with corrupt micro sd card message. Sometimes, the footage is unreadable. Have had to take to local computer mad scientist to recover data. Happpening to various videographers, different sticks, brands. All class 10 or better. We replaced all cards, sd card readers, had puters wiped and we were good for about 2 days. But…its baaaaack. Any one else having an issue? We have been running good for over 2 years with these cameras, Hero 3 Silvers.
  11. There was a time before Sandy Bridge when HD cameras were the rage but processors couldn't handle them. We offered Raw as an easy way to "self edit". And…you could put your own music on while we had to stick to royalty free stuff. So they weren't getting raw without an explanation. They could choose edited but it would have to be mailed. We do use Swoopware now and yes it comes out nice. However lots of people are requesting raw now so they can Vine it and manipulate it the way they want. We put it on a thumb drive for them.
  12. Who has the hot tip skinny contact on the cheapest 1 or 2 gig thumb drives?
  13. DSE's set up is sweet. Other nice ones include Swoopware and Perigrine Video from Perris Valley. Doug and the guy from Peregrine are always at PIA and seems to have it dialed in. These are the way to go if you don't have time to devote to learning and paying for an editor. In my opinion, hiring a local college kid who knows NLE is a waste of time. Peregrine has a pay for video option. Basically $1 per video I think, and all editing is done via internet. Or…go with raw footage. We did that for a whole season while we were in between decisions.
  14. Hey guys, Would like to pick one of these up for ground shots, landing shots. Looking for ease of use, widest lens, good burst rate, reasonable in price, good, not best, quality image. Wont be used in the air. DSE: I can't remember if u use an NEX or A5000?? Thanks