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  1. NOW you start to do your own research! I'd already read that link before posting this topic - hence why I only mentioned gradings, and not insurance in my original post. I just referred to it to correct you on your comment that I'm covered for £15k death and critical injury (given I'm in Holland). He's doing his Superman thing.
  2. Thanks again for the advice. I think the fact that gradings are to be recorded from next year is even more reason to keep my BPA membership given my other reasons. And I take cpoxon and mr2mk1g's points that I can show video evidence and my logbook when I go to the UK to get gradings and even licence upgrades effectively achieved abroad. This doesn't impact on whether I should allow my membership to lapse or not, but it's certainly good to know it will be easier to get the gradings when I visit the UK. One thing about the £15k death and critical injury cover - this doesn't apply for me as it doesn't cover outside the UK "except at the BPA Affiliated Parachute Training Organisations on British bases in Germany and Cyprus" as per here. He's doing his Superman thing.
  3. Thanks, all, for the advice. Some good points raised. I guess the third-party insurance is irrelevant since both BPA and KNVvL provide it. But the lack of gradings in Holland is an issue for me. I prefer a system (such as the BPA sticker system) where you can go to any DZ and they can see what you're capable of formally rather than having to take your word for it, or going through your logbook. Also, if let my membership lapse and resumed it later, I would certainly have to demonstrate an ability (such as a coached jump) in the UK to get a grading if I have no formal Dutch sign-off to back it up. By keeping my BPA membership, at least I can get gradings awarded by BPA Advanced Instructors while in Holland as and when I bump into them (they can verify with the Dutch coaches as required I suppose). This brings me onto another question. If, let's say, I allow my BPA membership to lapse, I still have my BPA Licence - can I get awarded gradings in my licence abroad while not a BPA member, or is this simply not allowed? Finally, for the sake of £100, I take cpoxon's point about the BPA magazine and supporting British skydiving. Both of these are pros for me. He's doing his Superman thing.
  4. I have BPA membership, but have been living in Holland for the past year and jumping under my BPA Licence and membership. I'm not sure at this stage how long I will live in Holland, whether two years, five years, or indefinitely. I'm British and may return to the UK one day. My questions are quite simple. Should I allow my BPA membership to lapse and get a Dutch licence and membership? Or, should I renew my BPA membership and keep jumping under my BPA Licence? Or is it worth having both? The reason I ask is because I'm wondering how best to track and attain gradings. First, I'm not sure if I can even get gradings on my BPA Licence at Dutch DZs unless I find a BPA instructor. So this is why I'm wondering if I should get a Dutch licence. Second, if I get a Dutch licence and get gradings on it, can these be later applied to my BPA Licence if I show a BPA instructor my Dutch licence? And conversely, can I get my existing gradings (and any future gradings) on my BPA Licence applied to my Dutch licence if I get one? Thanks in advance for any advice, whether general, or specific to my situation. He's doing his Superman thing.
  5. Ha ha. Yep, I figured. But, don't ask, you don't get. Just want to start a discussion, and get a feel for what direction to go in when making the final decision on camera. Maybe even get two! One for high quality stills and video, the other for 360 VR. I agree that was the case at the beginning of the year, but I think that's changing/changed. The one I mentioned for instance (the Nikon KeyMission 360) is 4K and has the form factor of a normal compact (like a GoPro). So I'm not sure if the quality is still that bad, or that the snag risk is any greater. Hence why I'm considering one for my main/only cam. But I just want to get the best one possible so that normal footage and stills will still be good quality (like a regular cam). He's doing his Superman thing.
  6. EDIT: Could a mod please move this to the Photography and Video forum (sorry!). I've been looking into action cams to primarily use for skydiving, but I also want it to have all the following capabilities: Waterproof for scuba diving Attachable to a drone Attachable to a car Facebook Live streaming I always considered GoPro to be the skydiver's choice, but this seems to fast becoming outmoded. The Sony FDR-X3000R seems to be a much better choice in terms of stability (mechanical) and various other features and has been dubbed the HERO5 Black killer. But what I'm now particularly interested in is the array of 3D/VR cameras available such as those listed here. Are these suitable for skydiving? Can they even be mounted on a helmet? Do they require special fittings or a special helmet? The Nikon KeyMission 360 and upcoming Kodak Pixpro 4KVR360 seem very decent! Any thoughts or ideas appreciated! He's doing his Superman thing.
  7. So what were they? I get no value here by spoonfeeding you on off-topic matters, so read the thread and educate yourself. So you think those were all polite statements, do you? Off-topic, and you missed my point. Yeah, so? I already told you, it's raining so I have all the time in the world. Tomorrow it'll be sunny again so I'll be spending my time in the air. Will you? My private life is nothing to do with you, and is irrelevant here, but I note you are seeking validation again. Your claim was that you didn't have time to reply to off topic posts at all. Yet here you still are, spending your valuable time counting words on the internet I count quick. He's doing his Superman thing.
  8. Sorry, I completely missed that you were referring to full moons only. I thought you meant in general. For full moons, yes, you are completely right in what you originally said. He's doing his Superman thing.
  9. A) No they weren't. B) Regardless, you said you were being polite and emotionless, now you admit that you've been constantly insuting? A) They were. B) No. And you agree that you have a dangerous attitude and woeful gear knowledge. No. PS: Given the trawling you must've done to collate my "insults", it's clear you're spending much more time replying than me further to my earlier suggestions of the same, and my claim that I have less time to reply than you. E.g., the last two posts not including this PS. You: 34 words. Me: 4 words. He's doing his Superman thing.
  10. Like these? "...arrogant or completely obtuse ... Mr American Boy ... I don't really care about your emotional issues ... you appear stupid ... you and he seem to be equally dense ... You're incompetent ... I don't have time to spoonfeed you ... take your offensive/sarcastic attitude and superiority complex elsewhere ... people who have too much ego..." I see what you mean. Loads of insults flying around in those posts They were all in reply to insults. Read the post. No need to. I wrote it. * Disclaimer: Not a fact** ** Fact: Not a disclaimer Sorry, I didn't realise you invented fish in a barrel. Any other common phrases belonging to you I should avoid? Maybe I should just start accusing everyone who dsagrees with me of being 'emotional' - is that original enough? I didn't invent fish in a barrel. Fish evolved. Barrels existed long before I did. Interesting thought! Undoubtedly, you will react to the following with denial You seem like a terrible skydiver with minimal gear knowledge and an extremely bad attitude towards constructive criticism. So you agree you're frustrated and your posts are very reactive? I predict you'll count the number of words in your next post to try and prove me wrong He's doing his Superman thing.
  11. That's factually incorrect. He's doing his Superman thing.
  12. Because you said this? "Post #19 does not contain "all relevant discussion". " When I said "I never said it did", this does not mean I think it doesn't; I just didn't state it. Uhh, ok. But when you said "I do not know why you think I think it does." I replied by showing you where you said you thin it does. I'm at a loss as to how you don't see the direct connection? I never said I don't. I do not know why you think I did. Insults? What insults? I've seen you call other people a few different things but I think I've been very fair... Posts #53, #56, and certainly #72. Plus others more veiled. And what were they? Read the posts and see. nope. You basically said you weren't 'lucky' enough to have someone spontaneously volunteer information to you. Guess what, the world doesn't usually work that way. I never said that. I challenge you to find one other person who has posted in this thread that agrees with that sentence! Irrelevant if anyone agrees. It's a fact. It's raining here today, so I have absolutely nothing else I need to do, and have all the time in the world to be verbose. You, as you say, have no time to respond to off-topic posts but are still here and still biting. So.... I mentioned the fishing analogy first - now you're trying to reverse it on me. Be original. Undoubtedly, you will react to the following with denial Honestly, you seem frustrated - your posts are very reactive. He's doing his Superman thing.
  13. Because you said this? "Post #19 does not contain "all relevant discussion". " When I said "I never said it did", this does not mean I think it doesn't; I just didn't state it. Insults? What insults? I've seen you call other people a few different things but I think I've been very fair... Posts #53, #56, and certainly #72. Plus others more veiled. A single sentence... on the second page of actual content. But you also suggested in post #14 that there was no-one in your skydiving circle that was aware of the Vigil X-Ray card. Unless the only people you know are noobs as ignorant as you are I guarantee that is not the case. People knew, you just didn't bother asking. You completely misunderstood post #14. You completely misunderstood post #1. Just what I was thinking My posts: emotionless/succinct Your posts: emotional, reactive and verbose Me: You: He's doing his Superman thing.
  14. Post #58 says nothing about the content of post #19. I do not know why you think it does. I never said it did. I do not know why you think I think it does. Nope. I don't need anyone else to tell me how awesome it is to be sitting here in the mountains doing a fuck ton of jumps You bought time in the air into the discussion though so you must have thought it was relevant. After all, you clearly don't have time to be replying to comments that aren't important I have time to answer a point succinctly, but not to reply verbosely like you do introducing all manner of insults, new topics, new points, etc. You still seem like you're seeking validation, though. My apologies. I should have said 'researching your gear badly'. Subjective. Overlooking a single sentence in a 41-page manual is not IMO 'badly', perhaps just a 'minor oversight' that has no impact on whether I or anyone else lives or dies. Exactly - already accepted 2 pages back. I'm not championing anything; just politely replying to one or two people who have too much ego and are trying to win the Internet. Honestly, it's like fishing in a barrel here. He's doing his Superman thing.
  15. actually as of your last post 20 out of 60 posts in this thread are yours. So we're in agreement then. I do not know why you think I think it does? See post #58. Yep. But since I've made more BASE jumps in the last 2 months than you've made total jumps in 4 years, I still manage to spend quite a bit of time in the skies. Are you seeking validation here? Your posit is incorrect and was discussed in post #19. My private life is nothing to do with you and irrelevant here. It is. See post #19. There's a bigger picture here and it's that if an airplane employee feels like you're being on edge about something then it raises a red flag. Based upon this thread I feel sympathetic towards the guys who made a simple mistake and had to deal with you. I've been taking rigs airports for 15 years and have never had an issue other than security people being interested in how it worked and what happens if the "pair of shoots" doesn't open. Veiled insults are unnecessary and you should probably look in the mirror first (also, no one dealt with me - I spoke to no one). But it appears that you disagree with most repliers on here. So I'll disregard your post as BS. Thanks anyway. He's doing his Superman thing.