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  1. Thank you for all the input... Icarus called me but i couldnt get to the phone... Calling Larry everyday to see what he has to say about the WL. Jumped the 149 10 times this weekend and had no issues but i do want to ask Icarus all the technical questions. Thx again for all the comments. All well taken. Blue skies
  2. Great info guys. Thank you for all the inputs. Makes sense.. Ok..ill demo it this weekend. Ill be safe about it. Lots of thermals this time a year at my home DZ. Ill keep u guys posted. Thank you again for all the info. Blue skies. Be safe out there this weeekend.
  3. Im going to demo the icarus crossfire 2 this next weekend ( both 139 and 149) Icarus recommends a minimum of 1.4 wing load On the 149, i'll be at 1.2 Are there any dangers to being below the recommended wing load? How is being at 1.2 going to affect the performance of the canopy, if any? Has any one flown a crossfire2 under the recommended wing load of 1.4? Thx