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  1. Sewing a finger trapped line? I don't have a bar tack machine, I have a Singer 301 zigzag. It's a bear when I sew lines and it's really finnicky. I've gone through it, timed it, and tried many adjustments. I have good mechanical skills, but mixed results. What is the right feed dog, tension, and presser foot to get the best results? Pictures would help. Riggers only please.
  2. I'm from Connecticut and I'm gunna be at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor for a week of business. What's a good DZ for an experienced jumper to go? Especially during the week. Maybe an Otter on the weekends?
  3. I want to buy a harness type sewing machine. I've been looking on ebay, but it is sometimes difficult to tell if a certain model will adequately sew 5 cord Nylon thread. Can anyone tell me what models to be looking for from Singer, Pfaff, Juki, and Consew? Any info would be helpful, thanks.
  4. On one canopy, the cat eye seems to get hung up in the slider grommet when turning. This is because the slider grommet rests on top of the slinks and lines. There is very little room left and the cat eye has trouble getting through the grommet. We solved this with good slider bumpers. Any one else using slinks?
  5. We've been using PD reserve slinks for Tandem mains for years without issue. I sent a Sigma canopy back to PD recently for a major repair. It was on risers with slinks. PD said that they don't recommend slinks and would not put them back on. What gives? UPT stated a long time ago that Reserve slinks for the main were OK. I changed back to French links anyway. What are other riggers doing? I thought slinks were stronger. We change them about every 500 jumps.
  6. No offense to anyone. This is the funniest thread I have ever read. I was going to read some more of my book tonight, but I started reading DZ.com. So much for the book. We should publish this thread. You know, sell at Barnes and Nobles at Christmas time. Coffee and a transcript $5. What a deal!
  7. CPI in Ellington Connecticut will be hosting R44 Helicopter jumps on Saturday July 11th. Rain date is Sunday. $50 to 5,000 ft. http://skydivect.com/
  8. What is the formula used to calculate that?Quote
  9. Go to rigging innovations website and check out any of their rig manuals under "Rigger Information". You'll find checklists for main, reserve, H/C, etc...See link below http://www.rigginginnovations.com/forms-docs/forms.htm
  10. Hey, just did my first RSL/Bungee mod on a Sigma. I used a #0 punch in the reserve flap for the grommet, but I couldn't get the UPT supplied grommet into the #0 hole. The grommet is stainless and extra long. Then I used a #1 punch and it fit nice. I think this is because of the stiffener plate. Anyone else have this problem?
  11. Is there weight limit for the passenger harness for a RWS Tandem Sigma system? Can't find on their website. If not, should there be one? The TSO for the TM harness is 254lbs or 300lbs. Even if the TSO doesn't apply to the passenger harness, should you use that as a guideline?
  12. A question for riggers who pack Vector Tandem 360 reserves: Does anyone have any good tricks or methods to keeping the lines stows very neat while stowing into the free bag? The non-cascaded, thick, untreated Dacron can make for "spaghetti lines" and for me anyway, is much harder to keep neat than sport reserves.
  13. I've been told by several riggers including two master riggers, that a Vector can be counted as a chest pack in your log book. I have also been told by two other master riggers that this is not true. Supposedly, the story goes, this is because when the piggy back rig came out, there was no back rating. The early RWS Wonderhog requirement was a chest rating to pack it. Therefore it could be counted as a a chest or back. Since the Wonderhog TSO is still used, you can count the pack job as either a chest or back. Was this ever true? Is it still true? Can you count Vectors/Wonderhogs as chest packs and them apply this to a second rating?