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  1. Thanks for the advice. When getting my AFF and still to this day, once I'm done jumping, I'm reluctant to leave the DZ. I like to hang around and "take in" my surroundings. Which is another reason that I love the club atmosphere of CPI. Again, thanks for your replys on both my threads.
  2. Thanks for the response, it's good to know that my initial "ideas" weren't too far off from what others have done. As for addressing strictly canopy sq ft, your response makes the most sense and going 135-150-170, like I planned is just too early to buy a new container. Thanks I understand where you're coming from and as other disciplines have attracted my interest (mostly because I've been obsessed with the sport itself) nothing comes close to the idea of wingsuiting, but who knows? Maybe I won't like it as much as I thought. Thanks The only reason I'm not quoting the whole post is due to that you greatly misinterpretted the meaning of my post. I can see how and it's easy to see it now that you pointed it out. When i said it was a boost in confidence, I meant that my very basic, original idea, that I came up with on my own, was not entirely unique and someone else has actually gone a similar if not same route. Not confidence in my plan but with my initial judgement. Secondly, and this is all my fault. I may have had a few standups witht he 190, but past jump 6 I was using mainly a 200 and seldomly the 190. More recently have a made it to choose the 190 over the 200. I feel comfortable with the 190 only to the fact that its similar to the 200 and I've noticed it's differences. Being in New England I've had to deal with some "dodgy" winds and even so I've landed well. When I said "a few standups" that meant I've only jumped it a few times, and haven't had much trouble at all. I know to listen to my coaches and other jumpers at the DZ. The jumper who would be selling me the 170 is the jumper who filmed my Check Dive. I've gone over this idea with one of my most influential instructors to this whole process and he saw no problem with it. I came here for other opinions, not "first insight". Sorry for coming off that way. I'm torn because I am conservative about it, it does seem early to be making such an investment with such little experience. If I wasn't, the gear would've already be on order. Maybe torn wasn't the correct phrase. Regardless of that, I truly appreciate the approach you took to that post. It was quite direct and very well worded. Thanks for the reply. That response, could not have been better. All-around made sense (grouped with ideas from other posts) and with one tweak is what I feel most strongly in doing now. I'm still going to go with the 170 7-cell main, just not right way, "jumping it into corn fields". I'm not all gung-ho like that. Even if I had the whole rig set-to-go, if I felt I wasn't ready, I will happilly continue to rent the 190/demo a 170 9-cell. That with a used container and larger reserve feels like a good decision. Thanks to all enough for taking the time to talk this out with me, it really helped with developing a "soft" plan to my jumping. I'm not hard-set on anything I plan to do. I understand there are variables and situations that I have not accounted for; which is mainly why I came to the forums. Further discussion is appreciated.
  3. Wow, that actually really boosted my confidence knowing someone did the exact thing I'm thinking of. Though I have one question. Your profile lists 90 jumps (not sure if that's up-to-date) but since that decision how do you feel about it? Seeing as I want to have my rig custom fit for my eventual wing-suit, and that I won't be focusing wing-suiting until 2014, I may go this route. Though fyi, I didn't plan to jump it right away, i was gonna rent the 190 a few more times, demo a 9-cell 170, and then move onto the 7-cell. Is it obvious I'm quite "torn"? xD
  4. I've contemplated this exact reasoning for a little while. I've hesitated ordering for three weeks because of it. Though there is one thing about it. I'm 19, and have a great entry level job now. Once I've made all major vestments into the sport, and have satisfied my urge to jump a lot. (Maybe 2 years, and afterwards will jump only maybe 4 times per week). At that point, I may consider getting a part time job, and focusing on school/freelance work. That aside, I'm also not huge on downsizing, I'm actually a little nervous for the 170. I'll also, when ready, be able to downsize to a new Sabre II 135 (It'll fit softly according to the Mirage chart). As for packing, when comparing the M2 and M3 sizing chart, they are almost identical for main sizes. It seems to only make a difference for reserves. Not sure if you were aware, or if I'm just ignorant upon how it will be (as of course I haven't actually seen the difference). Thanks for bringing this up, most of the fellow jumpers at the DZ have made the same point.
  5. I'm going to list all the factors to the gear I've selected and then what I currently feel works, it all revolves around the fact that I'm getting the main used from another jumper at my DZ. • 155 lbs • 5' 8" • 39 Total jumps • I've been renting a 9-cell 190 (forgot what model canopy for the moment :/, dam winter) and have had good stand-ups with it a few times, I feel well acquainted with it's "size". ------------------------------------------------ • New Mirage G4 • Used Main: PD Storm 170 (7-cell) • New AAD: Cypres • New Reserve: EITHER Preferred: An M2 sized G4 with a 160 PD Optimum An M3 sized G4 with a 160 PD Reserve From what I've read on here, the Optimum seems to be the better choice, and it'll be a slightly smaller container.
  6. There's a guy at my DZ in which everyone knows his dog. He actually made (or had one made) a custom harness that he jumped with the dog. If anyone asks I'll post a pic, I just don't wanna right away since it's not of me.
  7. I fully understand the POV you're coming from; I couldn't grasp the pace at which conventional grade school was taught. (In that it was too slow) Being ignorant and not understanding; I didn't do so well with my grades (I would ace tests, but refuse to do other work). I sometimes think how lucky I got with IT, being that it pays well. I'm using these first years to invest in the initial jumps/gear rather than school right away. (I plan to take online courses afterwards). Thanks I've kept this in mind, I think back to this past summer in a surreal way and sometimes even wish I could go back to it. I've had some good advice and the thing I remind myself most is to not get complacent. I wouldn't care about jump numbers at all if it wasn't for the minimum number in order to wing-suit; though I understand why it's a "rule". Regardless, I'm excited to learn all the disciplines; the only one that I find "unnerving" would be swooping. Even once I'm "ready", I don't know how keen I will be to try that. ------- Thanks for the responses both of you :) Other than jumping itself, what disciplines were you initially interested in?
  8. Hey everyone :D VVV tldr: watsup? VVV When I was about 16, being a geek, and on YouTube a lot, I became aware of wing suiting. Up until my 18th birthday I couldn't lose focus on the fact that I'd always wanted to skydive and tread down that path (un-aware of its cost, xD). I had some vocational training and out of high-school was able to obtain an entry level position in IT. Now focusing on my career, I forgot about wanting to skydive. Around May of last year, I had a friend, just turning 18, who wanted to skydive. This was the end of keeping my paycheck, lol. I started AFF in June and had my A license 1 day short of 2 months (also 1 day before turning 19). I haven't been jumping at another drop zone yet but I highly suggest CPI (Ellington, CT) to anyone. It's been an incredible learning environment, a great place to hang out, and they're a club. (uConn's skydiving team jumps here as well) Since then I've took it easy for the winter, I got a Cookie G3, and bought 2 barely used Jumpsuits during AFF (an RW and FreeFly). I'm currently piecing together what I want for a Rig. Being at 39 jumps now, things have gone smoothly. I have some incremental goals for the next few years. 2013 - Camp out at the DZ throughout this summer, hit 200 jumps and make my first wingsuit jump. 2014 - Focus primarily on wing-suiting but stay acquainted with all disciplines. I'd like to also attend bridge day as well as make a few other B.A.S.E. jumps. 2015 - Start to explore the world of Wingsuit B.A.S.E. and hopefully make a trip to some popular foreign wing-suit locations. Side-Aspiration - "Land" a 1 year expatriate IT contract to live, work, and jump in Dubai. If anyone has some tips or comments on my "plan" that'd be fantastic. Otherwise "Hi!". Note: I'll be making a thread in the gear section on what I've come to decide upon so far for my container/canopies.