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  1. Before every jump, no matter how scared you "feel", ask yourself, " Do I trust my equipment, the people I'm jumping with, and above all else, myself? " If the answer is yes, take a deep breath and step out the door. You have nothing to fear.
  2. From what I've heard/seen on forums, you can load it up to around 1.7.
  3. I just had a cutaway with a skyhook and it took 350ft to open. Even when the skyhook engages, you have to account for the time it takes for the reserve to inflate. You might get a slow or fast reserve opening ranging from 100ft to 500ft, and it's certainly not worth the risk. My skydiving blog: /// youtube channel: kiwiskydiving
  4. I had about 200 jumps on a Volt 185 loaded at 1.0 and 50 on a Volt 170 loaded at ~1.1. The 185 had weird openings- 300ft openings if I left the nose be and 800 if I split rolled the nose, and ok-ish flare (just enough to stand up on a no wind day). OTOH, the 170 had 800ft openings without doing anything to the nose and a very strong flare. Not sure why that's the case. They both had good glide for a 9cell and a flatter glide if you compare it to a 7cell Spectre. Openings on both of them are prone to off headings though, but I didn't have a mal/cutaway on either of them. IMO they are good beginner-intermediate canopies that do their job just fine. However, if you're looking for one just for the price, get a Sabre 2 or Safire 2. because the resale value for a Volt is shit compared to a Sabre 2. After my 2 Volts, I switched to Safire2 and Sabre 2's loaded at higher wingloadings, but I believe you won't go wrong with the Volt when loaded conservatively.
  5. I too find it very weird that there isn't a single video on youtube about the crossfire 3 aside from the manufacturer. I thought someone with one would at least post a "first jump impression" video.. guess not
  6. Haha don't worry it's just a question that popped up looking through the chart because I don't see a UPT container that has a full fit for KA97/XF99. The best they got is standard fit, so it seems possible that a V306 must fit a KA97/XF99 or else ppl will have to switch containers all the time. I'm staying on my 150 for another half an year.. I promise . The original question though, came up because I see that UPT makes containers that hold the same mains but different reserves. And I'd like to know why most people opt for the smaller reserves. I could've named V308 and V320 but I chose to put V306 and V319 in the question since those are more common. Just a curious question guys.
  7. According to UPT's sizing chart, V306 and V319 has the same main canopy range, but V306 fits a OP126 while V319 fits a OP143. I however see a lot more V306s than V319s on the market. If I were to pick one, I'm leaning towards a V319 because of the bigger reserve. I'm also 6'1", so the 2" difference in length might help. Is there a reason why most people go for a V306 other than it looks smaller?
  8. What's up with the plane that flew under the jumper at 1:13?
  9. I've jumped 2 Volts. A 185 loaded at 1.02 for 135 jumps, and a 170 loaded at 1.11 Oddly enough, the 2 sizes of the same model wing gave me entirely different flare characteristics. My 185 came with noticeably long excess brake lines, and the flare point (the point where you plane out) is low at the waist. I do a 3 stage flare, first at shoulder to decrease the airspeed, then at the waist to plane out and hold it as long as possible, and when I'm ~2-3ft above the ground I quickly stab the 3rd stage out at full arm extension and hold it till I touch down. Out of the 135 jumps on the Volt 185, I stood up 120+ times, so the flare power is definitely not the problem. The flare point simply sits a little bit lower down the lines due to long brake lines. I'm 6' and have long risers though, so if you're shorter, the excess brake lines can be your problem here. My Volt 170 loaded at 1.11 for some reason has almost zero excess on its brake lines, and the flare point is at chest height. On days with winds, I dont even have to do my 3rd stage flare. So far 20 jumps on it have all been stand-ups. I prefer this brake line configuration and the resulting higher flare point much more than my previous Volt. It reminds me of the strong flares I get on a Sabre2 190. It might also just be your lack of experience. My landings improved dramatically after 50 jumps, and no matter what canopy I jumped or what brake line configuration they had afterwards, I stand up 99% of the time. With experience comes the ability to adapt to different canopies and variable landing conditions. On your next couple jumps, I'd observe how long the excess brake lines are and where is the flare point. I'd also ask someone to video your landings to get an idea of whether the canopy or the pilot is the problem. Good luck!
  10. Gopro studio is as easy as it can get. It's free and created specifically for gopros. Take the time to learn it by watching some youtube tutorials...... My skydiving blog: /// youtube channel: kiwiskydiving
  11. How do you pack your Volt? Especially what do you do to the nose and how do you roll the tail? My skydiving blog: /// youtube channel: kiwiskydiving
  12. I started wearing a BH AERO since my 8th jump. Almost 200 jumps later it still fits like new! I agree that the paint is easily chipped off when I bump the door. It's however the only helmet that fits my big head.. I wear a XL while G3's XXL is still too small for me. The AERO does protect the lower part of the backside of your head better, and its field of view is great. The built in cutaway is a plus. Between the rev2 and AERO I chose AERO because rev2 has limited camera mounting positions and AERO looks better My skydiving blog: /// youtube channel: kiwiskydiving
  13. For sure.. i'm a super neat packer and quite OCD about my pack jobs My skydiving blog: /// youtube channel: kiwiskydiving