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  1. Does anyone happen to know what happened to John Allison and Sammy Ramos that organized the 64 way diamonds at Coolidge, AZ late '86 & early '87? Clouddancer
  2. Does anyone happen to know what happened to John Allison and Sammy Ramos who organized the 64 way diamond jumps at Coolidge AZ late '86, early '87? Clouddancer
  3. Anyone out there have experience or an opinion on a Firebolt 180 loaded 1:1 ? Thanks in advance, Clouddancer [] Really tired of butt skid landings instead of descent flairs only into 10 knots or better wind for my Triathlon I've just become too heavy for good no wind flares. Clouddancer
  4. Virginia Skydiving Center is actually the new location of a large and famous drop zone, Skydive The Point that has been in existence for many years. All of the instructors and jumpers have migrated here, most with many thousands of jumps. Just one of our women alone has made over 16,000 jumps, Carol Clay who we call "The Queen", and our primary load organizer among others, for experienced jumpers. The drop zone is operated in person by the National Director of Safety and Training for the United States Parachute Association which all drop zones belong to. Needless to say, you can't find a safer place to jump. The instructors all have many thousands of jumps with students and have one of the highest rates of return students who go on to become experienced skydivers. The drop zone also has what is considerd the perfect aircraft for jumping, an almost new 14 passenger twin turboprop Caravan. One jump here and you are considered "family". You won't find a more friendly and caring bunch of experienced skydivers anywhere ready to help you anytime. They make this adventure something to enjoy the rest of your life with many friends.