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  1. Looks interesting indeed.. It would be nice to test jump those things. IG @skydive_tuke
  2. I haven't done any changes to trim yet but last weekend I was able to put seven more jumps with this canopy. I also bought Flysight to analyse flying. There was almost no wind that day and I got quite nice data from Flysight. Here is one of the jumps with flysight data analysis: And bonus footage.. flare power! You can follow me on Instagram if u want ;) IG @skydive_tuke
  3. It was like that on my very early design, even before than 10,4sqft prototype. Hmm I don't get this. If I understand what you are meaning it is something about "rotating line"? Airfoil shape is rotated around line, which is parallel to bottom surface seams. Maybe that line should be more like to be parallel with flight path line? ...I don't know, I'm still thinking this front corner problem is in brake lines or in stabilizers. IG @skydive_tuke
  4. At first, thank you Lee for such a good analysis for my problem. Today I watched really carefully all the photos and videos I have, and I think you could be right on that thing. Maybe this problem is not a trim issue. I guess it could be brake like and/or stabilizer problem. Outer line of the cascaded brake lines could be couple of inches too short? It pulls the trailing corner quite a lot even on shallow brakes. And when that happend, stabilizer starts to make weird wobbling. When making harness turns, canopy flies really well without any issues. Harness turns: Opening the brakes: Also photo: outer-brakelines.jpg This line is align with bottom surface of the airfoil. These pictures are from final design of the canopy and these shows a lot of how I designed it. side.jpg
  5. This "wobbling" is showing quite clearly on this video: (opening on this jump was best one so far) IG @skydive_tuke
  6. I have now jumped 10 jumps with this canopy. Openings have been ok, but maybe a bit too fast for being perfect. I'm going to make bigger slider when I have time for that. Current slider is from Odyssey 100. There's lot of power on brakes and it is possible to pull brakes all the way down before stalling point. Front risers feels nice! Recovery arc seems to be a bit longer than on my 107 Stiletto, hoho. But I also find out some weird behaving. Front corners of the nose make small "wobbling" when giving small brake input (maybe on half brakes) but when adding more brake it will be gone. Also on full flight canopy flies well. I'm thinking maybe I should move "dividing point" of the A-lines little forward. On the attached picture there is current line setup on black, and my proposal for fixing this problem on blue. What do you think? IG @skydive_tuke
  7. Very cool! What are your plans? What are you going to do next? I'm going to jump more with the canopy. It's now in my rig. I also started to design new canopy as well. We will see some day is that new design going to be something real.. IG @skydive_tuke
  8. I used SolidWorks 2015 for making 3d model. It was great tool to make surface model and it also has tool to make 2D patterns from 3d curved surfaces. It could be a pain to learn to use it if you don't have 3d modeling experience already. Canopy shape is not the easiest model to start that learning process. But good thing is that you can find heaps of tutorial videos from youtube to SolidWorks. I've been working as a 3d modeling engineer last 8 years so it was piece of cake for me to model this kind of thing ;) IG @skydive_tuke
  9. Same jump, different angle. I think from this video it's easier to see how it is flying. Outside camera: IG @skydive_tuke
  10. One of the best feeling what I have experienced. Definitely. IG @skydive_tuke
  11. Jump: (sorry about crappy raw footage) Landing: I Can't tell how good was the feeling after that jump! IG @skydive_tuke
  12. Fuck yeah! Finally did the first jump. is coming. IG @skydive_tuke
  13. Thanks a lot for the comments pchapman! I'm normally jump from C206 and if I'm sitting next to the door (first jumper) I think it's ok to not have pin protection flap. But I will think about that later.. could it be possible to built one to that kind of three flap desing? For the DZO problem: my home DZ is not commercial and we don't have DZO. ..but I understand your point. Cutaway housings are not tacked at the moment but they will be tacked. That loop handle looks nice on your photo but it looks also a bit scary to me. I feel it could be easy to make unintentional cutaway with that loop but it is sure easy to pull when you need it. IG @skydive_tuke
  14. Ok, I made belly container from old reserve container and it looks good to me. Whole setup feels quite messy when it's on my back with main rig, but I think that's the way it should be? I made attachment straps for belly container from old reserve risers. Webbings are sewn into container and there is velcro for attaching "risers" to hip rings. I also made boc pouch for pilot chute. How does that looks for you folks? Is there something I definitely should change? And one more thing, I borrowed slider from Skylark Odyssey 100 and it fits fine. It is just narrow enough comparing to center cell width. I think I'm going to test jump with that slider. I haven't done any plan yet for first jump. It's still quite cold outside and skydive season is not started yet. Some pics... IG @skydive_tuke