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  1. There is a DZ in Panama at the Chame airport right beside the Pan American highway. P3 Skydive Panama. They do a lot of jumping on the beach but with just an A you may have to jump on the airport. You can find them on FB. Stay safe riding! Blue skies, CK
  2. I don't know who Powers is but that Falling Angles patch is an awesome classic. Really cool.
  3. Post this in the history and trivia forum. I'm sure you'll find what your looking for and more. ATW, Lucky
  4. I used to jump with that group and it's not available for free fall. I've never seen that C47 go over 1,800 AGL. If you're just looking to make a DC3/C47 jump I can help you make that happen if you're willing to come to Texas. Let me know. ATW, Cael
  5. I inspected a PC that I bought a while back and found some interesting stuff. I was told by the seller that it was modified to a Comp PC. It has been modified and re labled as a MK3. USPS, United States Parachute Service, Floyd B Washburn Master Rigger, seal BF2 did the work. Lines are 21' so it has not been short lined. There are LARGE cutouts in Gore 24 were the data panel was and on gore 3 and 21. I will post a pic when I have a chance to kite it. It has a lot of burn holes from sloppy packing but is otherwise in very good shape. so what exactly is a MK3? *** i'm also looking for a sleeve for a Papillion. It needs to get back in the air. appreciate help on finding one. Thanks, Cael
  6. I met Wild Bill at an Eco reunion we were supposed to jump for in 06. He was out drinking everyone in the hospitality room at the hotel and had a girlfriend with him that was in her late 30's. He was really friendly to everyone and telling old soldier stories. His shirt says "Have you seen my other sock" and is signed by Will Ferrell. ATW, Cael
  7. I'll second that. looking forward to the video.
  8. I’ve heard a few stories about jumping into the new year. I’ve always wanted jump or fly a load that jumps into the new year. It’s kind of daunting to consider being sober (enough) to jump into the new year at midnight. I mean we’re talking about skydivers here. It’s hard enough to get a sunrise jump to go. Does anyone have a story or two about this? Hope everyone has a safe and happy new year! Lucky508
  9. I’ve got a type III AC (shoulder) separation from a motorcycle crash this summer. I’ve got 95% range of motion but its unstable and weak above shoulder height. I finally went to the doc and it’s going to have to have surgery with a 3-4 month recovery time. I’m bummed but tired of living with it. I actually made 6 military round jumps with it like this and caused some more damage. Not smart……I know. I almost went to the tunnel to see how it would do….again not smart but I didn’t do it. Anyway….I’m going to get it taken care of soon. PT like crazy over the winter. Go to the tunnel to check it out when I’m ready and hopefully start jumping again in the spring. Moral of the story is get it taken care of. Stupid hurts! ATW, Lucky
  10. Those patches make me think about doing pushups outside the yellow line in AER phase in Rigger school at Ft. Lee. One, two, three! no go. a nice patch is someting worth the work and brings a special satisfaction. Sometimes you just gotta hope that a dumbass like this sews his fingers together. ATW, Lucky508
  11. Thanks for sharing. I've got a lump in my throat and I feel like a pitiful excuse of a human being now. God bless your friend Gary and his family. ATW, Cael
  12. here's a link to a pathfinder unit that made several combat jumps out of Huey's to secure LZ. pretty intresting stuff. Airborne! All the way! Lucky508
  13. Since everyone is showing theirs. I’ll show you mine. Not sure of the nomenclature on this one. I’d have to take it apart to find that and if I remember right it might be sterile anyway. The thick base is for holding watch batteries in the corners. There are red lights at 3,6,9 and 12. ATW, Cael