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  1. It's hard not to be angry at Billy. He and his wife liked to go to the range and enjoyed shooting. I know he got angry in political discussions and traffic pissed him off. But this is so far out there how could anyone see it coming. When incidents like this happen and people close to the shooter say. "I never thought he would do something like this". Now I understand.
  2. I agree with this if you want to filibuster you should have to work for it
  3. I am on optimist. I believe in thinking positive and counting on good things to happen. I think having that mindset has helped me take some risks in life that turned out wonderfully. I don't think there is a correlation to lib or con in being either one.
  4. Z-Hills it was a hangover load
  5. Mine is really an entire wall it looks cool and also shows one of the things we do here interior wall wraps
  6. I wonder if everyone just started using it randomly would that take away it's racist meaning?
  7. In the one I saw another officer moved the cops knee off the looters neck. The first cop must not have got the memo that it was a bad idea. Or he just doesn't give a fuck and if that's the case he should not be a cop.
  8. they tried the first night and couldn't get in and had to come back with better tools the 2nd night edited for spelling
  9. If the guy in the gun shop had not stopped the looters from stealing his guns there could have been more shooting deaths.
  10. I believe there is something about "looting during a state of emergency" also. Either way like Joe says you open up a whole legal shitstorm shooting anyone justified or not.
  11. the cops should have arrested the looters
  12. According to Florida law, a person can use or threaten to use deadly force to prevent the imminent commission of "forcible felonies" such as assault, burglary, or kidnapping SkyDekker not sure why you were compelled to add "Can you murder someone for a misdemeanor?" The law I quoted was pretty clear with Forcible felonies. When does looting become burglary? I really don't know.
  13. that depends on where you are.Some states allow deadly force to prevent forcible felonies which includes burglary