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  1. gkc1436


    Add that to the list of Graves to urinate on before I die.
  2. Me thinks you've been browsing sorryantivaxer.com.... Hmmmm
  3. Him, Him........F*@k Him ( The Ranch)
  4. 1. Mentally disturbed, (obvious if you are going to jump out of a perfectly good airplane into southern Washington, in the rain, at night). Everybody knows that if you jump in the rain, you hit the pointy end of the rain drops.... Then you die!
  5. 1. learn how to skydive 2. immerse yourself in the culture 3. hangout at the fire pit afterhours 4. repeat for multiple years after awhile... you will figure it out!
  6. Quick....Somebody call CNN!!!!! Cause this thread just went into the VOID! The VOID of paranoia ......... However......The whole Me Me Me thing is sort of skydiving related...
  7. I agree........somebody has highjack#1 in their logbook, after all WTC#1, World Series#1 (same person btw) are in logbooks some of the most spectacular moments in this sport that I have witnessed were hold my beer and watch this, or just because I can..... it was laundered and partied away....and maybe a dz or two needed startup funds....(see roger nelson for example) I bet some of the 20's were used to get the long rumored OTTLEY number in a logbook or two. Points if you even know what an ottley number is!!!
  8. Dude.....You live on staten island...... buy a tent, go to the ranch, learn to skydive...... st augustine.....florida in july???? WTF.....
  9. 1200' with a stilletto 120 (no cut) but then again, i know someone thats comfortable at 700' with a batwing.....
  10. >Show me a jumper who hasn't knowingly violalated a few or more BSRs and I'll show you a FJC student. so true....so true... evidently somebody has been paying attention during their time in the sport....... g
  11. 6 shot venti wht mocha please...... it makes the drive easy...
  12. Vengeance 107, So bad they let me trade it for a new stilletto 97 after one season the cork screw openings were sporty to say the least.....
  13. Static line a PC off my leg strap? Yes.....