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  1. 1. Mentally disturbed, (obvious if you are going to jump out of a perfectly good airplane into southern Washington, in the rain, at night). Everybody knows that if you jump in the rain, you hit the pointy end of the rain drops.... Then you die!
  2. 1. learn how to skydive 2. immerse yourself in the culture 3. hangout at the fire pit afterhours 4. repeat for multiple years after awhile... you will figure it out!
  3. Quick....Somebody call CNN!!!!! Cause this thread just went into the VOID! The VOID of paranoia ......... However......The whole Me Me Me thing is sort of skydiving related...
  4. I agree........somebody has highjack#1 in their logbook, after all WTC#1, World Series#1 (same person btw) are in logbooks some of the most spectacular moments in this sport that I have witnessed were hold my beer and watch this, or just because I can..... it was laundered and partied away....and maybe a dz or two needed startup funds....(see roger nelson for example) I bet some of the 20's were used to get the long rumored OTTLEY number in a logbook or two. Points if you even know what an ottley number is!!!
  5. Dude.....You live on staten island...... buy a tent, go to the ranch, learn to skydive...... st augustine.....florida in july???? WTF.....
  6. 1200' with a stilletto 120 (no cut) but then again, i know someone thats comfortable at 700' with a batwing.....
  7. >Show me a jumper who hasn't knowingly violalated a few or more BSRs and I'll show you a FJC student. so true....so true... evidently somebody has been paying attention during their time in the sport....... g
  8. 6 shot venti wht mocha please...... it makes the drive easy...
  9. Vengeance 107, So bad they let me trade it for a new stilletto 97 after one season the cork screw openings were sporty to say the least.....
  10. Static line a PC off my leg strap? Yes.....
  11. >I don't smoke dope as I prefer alcohol to get high, but can't see how jumping with cannabis in the body is different to alcohol Alcohol is a depressant, Cannabis is not... I am not a puritan, and will drive after having a drink, but hopefully always under the legal limit. So, evidently it's ok to risk the live's of people that share the road with you because you think your under the limit. Alcohol use also causes belligerence and arrogance. Again, two trait's that are not associated with cannabis use. While cannabis is not legal, it certainly has less impact on peoples lives and those around them than alcohol. The two substances are completly different in their effect's on people.
  12. >and help with ideas like these skydiving could be as safe as bowling Skydiving will never be as safe as bowling. It is an inherently dangerous ADULT sport that can cost you your life just by showing up at the DZ. The moment YOU make the CHOICE of wearing a rig, YOU have to be ready and able to save YOUR life. If you want a soft and fuzzy sport, I suggest miniature golf. While I do not condone the ingestion of certain substances while jumping, The simple fact is that it does happen on a regular basis with very few incidents as a result. And if we are going to condem and blame a certain group of individuals for the all the trouble in this sport. Lets look at the incident reports and ban what kills us the most. PARACHUTES IN GENERAL, and 200 JUMP WONDERS. Myself....I would be happy with a lifetime ban on anyone that cannot fly a correct and predictable pattern every time. And any student that refuses to understand that it's their job and no one elses to open their parachute and if you are unwilling to accept that fact, Step aside, you are holding up the line.
  13. Dude, I remember this one S&TA that would have his cypress turned off on the way to altitude because, as he put it, Every now and then, you have to suck it down..... >even among the very experienced local swoopers >he understood some of the top local swoopers Sure Sure.....It always the Swoopers....I just knew that was the reason they always traveled in packs, wore the same cologne, and had the cool sunglasses on....Those Fuckers....Lets burn their cars or something... All kidding aside, One of the things that I always found appealing about this sport was the somewhat outlaw nature of it. That being said, If someone can on a regular basis gear up, make the skydive and perform as needed, cause no harm, and be able to do it again in 20 minutes. Who care's what they were doing before. Stoned or straight, they just did what everybody else expects them to do, Make a safe skydive. From what I have witnessed in this sport, you stand more of a chance having a straight 500 jump wonder kill you or hurt you than a stoner. These rules (or NO RULES) apply to funjumps only! As for the lesser of two evils argument, I have seen far more damage and injury caused by drunks and hungover idiots than weed anyday. By the way, Does anyone know what having an OTTLEY number means?? ANYONE??
  14. >up to the point were you friends would be screaming at you to get off a load if they thought you were doing something stupid Let me get this straight.... I should have said something when i saw a 6 foot stuffed bear wearing a tandem rig, and the tandem master wearing the student harness??? What fun would that have been.....
  15. uncle don would have enjoyed this.
  16. Remember, absolutly NO down winders towards the hanger......... congratulations g
  17. >3 man african safaris I probably shoudnt ask....But ???? >wild bill" and kenny and kay now and wonder about the old days Yea, Why was the jewel silver for so many years? >wild bill richards Memories of billy being chased across the field by a highly intoxicated and naked (skippy) wearing a condom with cat wiskers on it (billy was scared!) Or questioning a big name swooper's manhood for not getting out at 3000' during a comp. >Drew Kochis didnt he used to have all the sky chicks hanging on him to jump? I guess he's hiding from his past....heh heh
  18. Hmmmm.... A 5 year oatmeal diet.... time to downsize my friend... Will you be offering Quaker products at the Pro Shop??? g
  19. I had the pleasure of doing 2 demo's into his "Hole in the wall gang" camp for terminal kids in Ct. he gave us tee shirts one time and lemonade and a sweat shirt the next time. short little fucker that paul..... blue's.........
  20. >Sure, why not? Pulling was never a problem, finding the handle was never a problem, the AFFI knew that, maybe because this was her 6th jump with me...... >Again, why assume they are not going to jump with another instructor? umm.......because i wasnt.......comfort factor mostly >I know, they always do perfect landing after they do a couple of good ones....... actually, students that prove themselves under canopy should be weened off radio as soon as possible. learning to trust/rely on yourself without outside input is one of the big unwritten TLO's in AFF. wouldnt you agree? Beside's if you teach long enough, you will come across different degrees of "naturals" in different areas. sometimes canopy skills are there early, sometimes freefall skills come easy, you cant teach everyone at the same speed or with the same method >short worthless notes that ONLY that AFF-I can understand is lazy and unproductive to the student. so...good door, fix the feet......is bad?
  21. One would have to read the previous entries to understand the context of this entry, this was actually my second L7 (my bad) she actually wanted to write (WTF was that about) humor considering my previous jumps.... >So he gets handed to another AFF-I. The student comes back 3 weeks later and doesn't remeber the jump well, or goes to another dz for training. wasn't going to happen, i had the same instructor from L3 thru L7's and she knew who i was and where i was going. >How was the climb out and solo exit that was covered on L5-L6, solo exit's on both and both good, hence no mention.... >How was the practice touch? On a L7???? >What was causing the spin? And what needs to be done to correct it for the repeat jump? Covered in de-briefing, student(me)knew what happened & why, beside's....already had an appointment for the following weekend with the same AFFI >Was his landing stand up. again, reading previous entries would help here... stand up's lvl 2-6 standup's in pea's 4-6, no radio assistance after L4 >No need to write a book, but this is poor log book input, Considering i have read 3 page entries from instructors that do nothing but belittle the student and his abilities< I offer this advice Keep it simple, understandable, and end it on a positive note, the student will want to show it to his friends dont let the skygod attitude intrude on something that should be a learning experience for both of you AND read all the entries.....dont pass judgement on just one entry, history is everything g
  22. 1st L7 flip flop spin flip flop spin do it again good AA good canopy short and sweet by someone with 5000+ student jumps at that time... g
  23. >Given that she's had five kids, you'd probably have to first find your way past whatever undergarment keeps her guts from falling out that visual will haunt me forever...... so will the visual of her saying...... YOU WANT TO PUT IT WHERE!?!?!? homey don't do uptight librarians....