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  1. ltdiver

    The Bigway Perris Wheel built today!

    A well written article from the Press Enterprise:
  2. ltdiver

    Slow motion canopy opening

    Because most cameraflyers protect their neck by *not* looking up to watch their canopy openings.
  3. ltdiver

    Live Skydive Channel

    Perris had internet feed video cams around the packing, manifest, and loading area when DZ Manager Jack Gramley was here. About 5 or so years ago. He now owns a successful computer business up in Las Vegas.
  4. ltdiver

    Cookie Ozone & Dual top mount.

    You mean this one? : Cookie Ozone IMO, if you can't secure the helmet very snugly to your head (both front, side and back) then it will tend to wiggle in the wind. There's a reason that camera helmets are made for the job. If you're serious about good video and getting paid for it, then invest. Don't go for the least. ltdiver
  5. ltdiver

    New world record J M Q P L

    Per Jan, who's running Omniskore, here's the results: You can also follow NSL: Can't wait to see the videos! ltdiver
  6. ltdiver

    200+ skydivers in 1 helicopter

    Truly awesome visual! Love how the "teams" all exited. World Class. Thanks for sharing!
  7. ltdiver

    Chin cup ladder straps and ratchets

    You can try Paragear: ltdiver
  8. First question: Why the switch? Old helmet? Neck problems? Just wanting to upgrade? Second question: Do you want side-by-side like you have right now, or do you mind front mounting your still? ltdiver
  9. ltdiver

    New camera I came across
  10. ltdiver

    Blue Skies, Wes Rich

    Wow. Just Wow.
  11. ltdiver


    Ouch! Wonder if any (full-faced) 4-way team member realizes the abuse us cameraflyers go through to get judgeable video on jumps like this one. I mean, we have an open-faced helmet and -can't- look away from the pelting rain. We're face first into it! As for getting out the moisture....I've heard 2 different scenarios. 1) drill a little-bitty hole in the side of the lens to let it breath. That, or put the lens in a warm (not hot) oven and bake it out. Might have to do both steps. Drill -and- Bake. What can you lose? The lens is ruined if you don't do anything . . . PS: Was this at Otay or Perris this weekend? ltdiver
  12. ltdiver

    Dana Bowman jump on Fox News

    Dana is always inspirational. I keep his profile handy to share with some of my amputee patients and every time it lifts them up and lets them know life really isn't over. What I found interesting in this current article: Dana's new goal is to break Kittenger's record? ltdiver
  13. ltdiver

    camera helmet for work;post=1324044;page=1;sb=post_latest_reply;so=ASC;mh=25;
  14. ltdiver

    Protec style helmet camera mount?

    Might want to post that link again, as the one in your post doesn't bring up the helmet you're asking about. btw, why not go with a proven skydiving camera helmet? Why try and adapt a ski helmet? ltdiver
  15. ltdiver

    Help identify an old book

    Haven't read the book, but googled the author and came up with this very interesting bio: Looks like it should be a good history book, well worth the read. ltdiver