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  1. It's interesting to hear the mix of responses on the survey (and in this thread) so far... some people going for the cheapest things possible, others saying they must have X, Y, Z and match their jump suit! It would be interesting to see if the differences of opinion are linked to different disciplines etc if we get enough responses. If you have time for the survey, keep the responses coming
  2. - I see. Yeah, I guess it's no so surprising with skateboarding being so big now. Unless it'll make them millions what's the point hey.
  3. - Yeah, their flat thick soles definitely seems to be the main appeal of skate shoes for most people. - that sounds awesome! Did you have them made just as a one-off or as a batch for a team or something? It's interesting that skate shoe brands have never specifically associated themselves with skydiving even though lots of jumpers use them. I wonder if people would be interested in them doing that?
  4. Hey everyone, We're doing some research into trends and opinions about footwear for skydiving! What footwear do you wear for skydiving? Why? What features are important? Should skydiving have brands of its own?... If you have a few moments spare, it'd be great if you could complete the following questionnaire. It only takes a couple of minutes... https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1RunU6vVraTpV4sVuOzmcyIkvmKm4eXrcFZjlyk4iZ64/viewform If you don't have time for that, any comments on here would be welcome! It'll be interesting to hear what people have to say... Thanks! Blue skies!