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  1. Adirondack Skydiving Adventures is planning on jumps this year at the Lake George Winter carnival in upstate NY. Each weekend provided there are enough jumpers and the weather holds out.
  2. http://www.saratogian.com/articles/2013/08/28/news/doc521d2d8d834ed607572524.txt#photo6 glad he is OK!
  3. I am watching the Documentary Channel on DirecTV. A documentary covering the women's world record attempt and Jump For The Cause is on now, and again replayed at 11 pm tonight. Channel 267. Some good publicity, albeit on an obscure channel...
  4. 600 Tandems... 1 orgasm. Beautiful young lady, 33 form Boston. She was really nervous on the ride up but exciting as well. Freefall was uneventful. The canopy opened, her hands disappeared in front of her, she threw her head back against me and said 6 times loudly "OH MY GOD TOM".... I chuckled a little and asked her how she like the freefall...
  5. Just purchased a dual GoPro (top/Bottom) mount for video and stills handicam from Chuteingstar. Works great.
  6. Thank you all. I wish my web building skills were a bit more robust! I will kick this around with some of the other guys and see if we can come up with something that works...
  7. Hello All... I am curious if anyone is getting their tandem video and stills to the students via a website or other program? I figure. I dub the video and stills, pop them in the mail and send them out... there must be a way for me to share these by uploading them to a website and having the student go on and get them... any thoughts? thanks.. and before I get shot... I did a search for video sharing, video tandem sharing, websites... and seem to have struck out.
  8. Wow you guys are so cynical.. clearly he didn't mean to do it, I bet he really feels bad for making this little mistake. And come on, he was in a movie so he HAS to be telling the truth.
  9. And just FYI: The line 'She said she was 18' doesn't hold up in court. That is an interesting point. I was with a young lady wanting to make a tandem who looked too young to me. She filled out the waiver and assured me she was 18, her mother, sitting next to her assured me she was 18, as did manifest. Now if she was indeed 17 or younger would that hold up in court? How far do you go or what steps do you take to ensure you are covered?
  10. Oh thank goodness.. welcome to the good side of the force Matt... We can accept that you waffle back and forth.. its OK... the pundits figure layoffs are coming because of this new law.. and the current uptick has nothing to do with it other than by chance.... Spend a week with me and we will think the same and we would stop this pointless banter...
  11. yea.. ya'll would have to have a little liberty with the current set of standards for me as well!! :-)
  12. I have some Ice.. cream and u dont have none... Really.. how can you gloat like you are? Who are you beating? Who's ass did you whoop? Your brothers and sisters? Your fellow Americans? GOD you sit on your pulpit and preach the high and mighty validation based on skewed fuzzy memories of days long passed... Most all of US(A) dont give a shot who sits in the oval office. We just want someone that doesnt fuck us over, doesnt get us into more shit and doesnt try to jack us for more then we already give. Why the hell is that so hard for people to understand? I am starting to think the only way to really promote change and honesty is for me to run for congress...
  13. That looks like the FF chick from Minnesota... I met her when i was at Eloy.. Damn I wish I could remember her name,, her and her husband were super cool.
  14. Dunkin donuts coffee.... then more coffee when I get to work.. usually helps me get over the hangover I am carrying! :-)