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  1. Why is that? I thought it was recently sold
  2. I had a tdm rig shipped from NZ to me. Cost was close to $600, so the 420-$475 seems about right.....
  3. I've had 3 1957's with Pponk, no issues at all, cylinders have gone 1000's of hours, we never used any additional engine monitoring systems beside stock. Make sure you get the larger "sea plane" oil cooler. I use Lawson Aviation in Michigan and I highly recommend them for overhauls
  4. If they decide to sell it we could use a parts plane
  5. Stay away from 206's. Even slower. Great engine choice for your P model. The P model is VERY heavy. I have a 1975 P, we stripped down the panel, took out the autopilot, GPS and pretty much everything else, now just 1 radio, 1 xponder. That go rid of A LOT of weight. To make it really climb, you'll need wing extensions with Sportsman STOL. Mine has flap gap seals, aileron gap seals, wing x, sportsman stol, panel/interior stripped down, Pponk 285HP engine and it climbs exactly the same as my stock 1957 182 that just has Pponk, no other mods. (about .3 wheels up to wheels down with 2 tandems pairs). So you need to spend $15,000-$20,000 in airframe upgrades/panel removal to get the P model to do what a more or less stock narrow body will do. The advantage is that instructors and students LOVE the extra room and larger windows that the wide body offers on top of that you'll find your maintenance costs will go down, as generally the later models, P-S or the Skylane II series, have addressed a lot of maintenance issues the earlier models had
  6. I remember meeting a guy around 2001 that had a VX or Xaos 135 (I'm pretty sure it was a VX)
  7. So they have a stock list and are shipping. Let's see some pics of the Valkyrie
  8. Wait are you saying ASC is also leaving cedartown and going to rome? I was under the impression the farm was going to Rome, ASC would remain open at the Cedartown airport??
  9. Airport was sold. New owners didn't want a skydiving operation
  10. 100 tandems in nothing. We do that with 3 182's and 5 instructors start at 9:30 done by 5:30
  11. N85SA
  12. Your mechanic's will have to build one then do a 337 for it. No kit's available. Any good IA should be able to build one for you
  13. Anyone have any tips for removing l bars on reserves without tools
  14. I have 3 182A models, I have it been expecting my P model to be under powered. I'm like you, have a low time engine, so I don't want to PPonk or TX skyway's right now. Mine is a project aircraft (sat neglected for 8+ years) we have already installed sportsman STOL and wing extensions are next. I'm hoping that will make it at least comparable to my A model's as far as turn around times...
  15. Have you had a chance to operate the aircraft yet? any idea's on turn around times with a full load? I bought a P model (1975) that we are converting to a jump plane now. Would like to get an idea of what to expect...