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  1. OWB

    Blue Skies, Howard White

    I remember Howard owning a succession of Ford products. Trundling between Deland and Z-hills on I-4 the other day, creeping along in that perpetual parking lot that is Orlando, when a crimson Ford Explorer with Mass. plates went by me at ludicrous speed, all I could think to do was scream "Damn you Howard!... Blue skies old friend, you are missed, but never forgotten.
  2. OWB

    Seeking 'Walter Josef Streit'.

    There's a Facebook group called "Old School skydiving". Try posting this message there, and good luck.
  3. OWB

    Para Commander Redux

    Give Strong Enterprises a call, see if there are any geezers left lurking there whose brains you could pick. They used to make a "modern" rig for the PC. A friend of mine had one. The risers had L bar connectors and 3 ring releases. it might surprise you what's still in the warehouse. A few years ago I purchased a D-bag for mine from them. (it is not for sale)
  4. OWB

    The REvolve Full Face Flip-Up Helmet

    I've been jumping a Revolve for over a year now. It took some time to find a full face helmet that fit over my glasses. Even a Mamba that was two sizes too big hit the frames. Starting with customer service, I shot Bonehead an email with some general questions expecting to get a reply in a few days, a young lady there replied in a few hours, ON A SUNDAY, from her phone, with no BS answers to all my questions. I measured my squash and pulled the trigger. A confirmation email told me delivery in 4-6 weeks. I thought " six weeks, perfect, just as our plane comes back for the season." They lied. The helmet showed up in THREE weeks, leaving me all dressed up and nothing to jump out of. Fit was/is perfect! It seemed a bit flimsy, but then I had been jumping a Mindwarp for 16 years. Quiet? first jump on it, as I came down the hill I thought I was watching video with the sound off! Last week it really paid for itself. We were doing 4 way, and during a bipole-bipole transition, I got kicked full on in the face. I believe I would have lost some teeth with the open face helmet, instead, I just adjusted the helmet, picked up my grips and continued. Negatives? It does fog up under canopy in certain conditions, but not always. The visor latch does take some getting used to, but you can't say its not secure. The chin strap material is slippery, and you lose the adjustment after a few jumps, but a few minutes and some super tack solves the problem. Do I recommend one? ohhh yeahhhh.
  5. OWB

    "Captain Eddie" Yazbek

    Eddie couldn't be described. You just had to know him. Both jumper and an incredible jump pilot from way back. Uncanny ability to fly and spot loads. Moonless night, IFR, Eddie says get out, you'll be in the peas. no question. Blues skies captain. you will be missed.