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  1. USPA has some serious problems,,,including nepotism.. I know of quite a few peeps talking with FAA as to forming a new regulatory committee to satisfy the skydiving FAA regs,,via the FARs.. I am already a member...
  2. Billy failed me on my first attempt at the AFF rating Eloy early 1997,,,,,Emphasized the positive...let me down easy..Passed the course 6 weeks later in Perris,,,,,INTEGRITY,,,Quote
  3. me too...oh- hazina samual -you sound so sexy.. I wanna send you all my money...
  4. Go to mesquite,,75 mins north of vegas...you will have fun don't waste your time or patience at any of the LV Dzs ,,,they don't want you,just your money,,
  5. How did the Peperrell plan to do 100 tandems in a day last weekend go?? I heard it was AWESOME !!
  6. I've met Winstock,,he is an arrogant skygod,, He needs to go...USPA is becoming an old boys club..
  7. I wear my Z-1 on EVERY jump,,,tandem,aff,small way.big way.hop npop,freeflying,,demos,,,If I have a hard landing my head is somewhat protected,,
  8. how long is a class 3 medical valid for,,I cant find any answer at uspa..
  9. MMmmmm..expected usage of a strong dual hawk tandem system,,,??/ my best guess would be ..do 2 jumps on it then sell it at a loss and buy a sigma..
  10. Shane was lucky to have a good friend like you...x
  11. The student was an airforce pilot....i made him completely aware of what was happening,,, His maintaining a good body position after the chop made my job easier...Thanks bro..!