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  1. Thanks Jerry, I do buy webbing and hardware from DJ. What about Pack Cloth 420 and Cordura 500 and 1000 denier. Shannon
  2. Hello, I am looking for a good vendor or manufacture I can buy textiles any all all Mil/PIA spec material. Shannon
  3. Thank you. I have been looking but failed to find this thread.
  4. I am on the look out for "Three ring construction manual" by RWS the newest one I know of is 1998. If anyone has a copy of this one or a newer one I would appreciate a copy. If there are any other construction manuals for any other components that would be appreciated as well. Shannon
  5. Riggerrob, Thanks for the info. I know the Beech 18 will only carry about 12 jumps after we sat down and did the weight and balance. I have got a quote from Hooker on seat belts. The only thing missing is were we can fly with the door off. We have been looking for months for this. There is an STC SA69CE for this but I am not having any luck contacting the person. This is an aircraft I am able to use when we need with a seasonaed pilot and machanics on staff. The plane is used for cargo but the Turboliner is used more. So I can get a decent deal on the Beech 18 per load. Thanks again
  6. Thanks for the info everyone. One point has seemed to be missed. I am not palnning on buying any aircraft. I am looking to use one or both of these aircraft on as needed basis since they are on the airport being used. These would not be my next aircraft of choice if I was in the market to buy another aircraft. Since the owner has approach me and said he thinks it would be great aircraft to use as a skydive aircraft I decided to look intio using them. i.e. how to config how many people can they haul can I fly with door off any STC's out there cost of lexan door cost of seat belts This is all to see if it would be worth using them. There is an operation with caravans on the airport and if I could get them to say yes I would rather persue that but don't think that will happen. Thanks for the feedback Shannon
  7. Thanks for all the info. I have only seen Pros and not to many cons on this. Being a TI and AFF instructor I think it would make our life easier. I am working on contacting the right person to make sure I will be able to get field approval. Thanks Shannon
  8. Thanks for the reply. We have a 206 running our operations and a leased 182. I am not looking to run the entire operation with a large aircraft. This will be as needed basis and to give everone a larger aircraft. These aircrafts are hanger with my planes and I have access to them. This is why I am inquiring about jump modifications to put into the big picture if it is feasable or not. Thanks for the input. I am not buying these aircrafts. Shannon
  9. Thanks for the feedback. All doors cost money and require approval. here are some of the Pros and Cons I think about the door. Pros Do not need to training pilots on slipping plane for door No door outside to slam into a student Almost 1 foot more of head room less chance of tandem rigs scrapping door handle less chance of tweaking the door on opening and closing (I have fixed my door seveal times already.) Cons 1.25 inches of head clearance lost possiblity of hitting pilots head Cost (there is a cost associated with a modified door) Please add to this list Shannon
  10. Good afternoon, I am looking to find out pros and cons of a laxan door for a P206. I have never seen one in person and have heard good things about them. Not sold on the idea but would like toi find out more. If your DZ has a P206 or 182 with lexan roll up door please post pics and comments to help educate me and any others that would like to know more. Thanks Shannon
  11. Baronn, I have thousands of tandem jumps and AFF jumps from P206. Not turbo. In Alaska years ago we did have a P206 turbo I own a P206B and is a great work horse. This is just general information about P206 all models Pros P206 Get to Altitude faster w/turbo Easily modified to be a jump plane Step is easy to create Door can be changed to open like a 182 Lexan roll up door options Haul 6 skydivers with the right STC Very dependable aircraft Parts are easily found Cons P206 w/ turbo higher Maint cost w/ turbo engine management Wing struts is more forward than a 182 the wheel strut is higher than a 182 (less head room) More expensive than a 182 (but is a true work horse) Fuel burn more than a 182 I love my P206B very little would I change on this ship. There are others that have owned and operated 206 more than me but starting off a tandem instructor at a Cessna Dropzone with a P206C and a P206 Turbo I had the experince of figuring out how to utilize this aircraft. It’s the same but different than a 182. Climb outs are different. Shannon
  12. Thanks everyone. You are right I was not around when these were the hot plane to jump out of. This is the start to my research since I have an opportunity to utilize these aircrafts. I do understand I am not hauling cargo and I am hauling humans hence these reason I start asking these questions to see if this is a viable options. I can not afford a caravan or otter so like any other dropzone if there is a way safely to use another aircraft then we may do that. There limited jump planes in Alaska. Thanks for the info Shannon
  13. I am looking for resources to make a jump plane out of a beech 18 and a turboliner. I have access to these 2 aircrafts and would like to make this happen. Probablly start with flying with door off and them move to a lexan roll up door. Any help would be great. Thanks Shannon
  14. I am looking to redo my P206B door. I am looking for high quality parts, ideas, kits or anything to help make the best door I can. I would like to make a latch to hold the door up and release from inside. I am possible in the market for a complete door for my bird. This door can be stock or a jump door. Thanks