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  1. assuming you buy from a gun dealer. private sales are pretty much exempt from any or all such things in almost every state. In many cases that includes gun shows where I can 'privately' sell you my gun in the parking lot. The idea that 'gun dealers' have any affect whatsoever on the illegal gun trade is more gun lobby fantasy and used for this kind of talking points. ALL gun sales need to be escrowed, whether that is through LEO, gun dealer, whatever..... making private sales illegal unless via a tracking and background check system is the first step at stemming the illegal trade of weapons.
  2. I always have an issue with the idea of 'illegal guns'. There is no such thing as an illegal gun. That's like saying there is an illegal car. It is another gun lobby/NRA talking point distraction. Remington, Winchester, S&W do not have an assembly line that creates illegal guns for criminals to use. We have guns that are obtained, trafficked, or owned illegally BECAUSE we do not have any laws to track guns. If we tracked every gun from its manufacture until its disposal, we would go a long way to finding out how guns get into the hands of criminals. But we don't do that, nor do we even try to.
  3. Comparing any gun law to 'the rest of the country' is meaningless given that the rest of the country has ineffective guns laws as well. If the country wants to reduce gun violence, then we need to model gun laws on the countries that have less gun violence and stop pretending that the causes are judges, or mental health, or open carry, or good-guy-bad-guy, or suicides or whatever. The reason we have so much gun violence is that guns are readily accessible to pretty much anyone in the country and there are no laws worth talking about. Look at what it took to get two parents convicted of manslaughter when they bought their mentally ill kid a semi-auto rifle and then he shot up his school. In any other civilized country, that original purchase would never have happened.
  4. Hidden brain has done literally DOZENS of shows on happiness..... of course you pick the one that suits your narrative.
  5. Most sociological sciences still predict that the world population will reach 11B - 12B and likely stop there due to resource constraints. That means as many people will be dying every year as are being born every year In other words, MASSIVE human suffering and losses each year. Grateful that I am white and was born in North America. But I will not be around to see 10B I expect
  6. And when he dies, I will be hosting a massive neighborhood BBQ and open an 18 year old bottle of scotch.
  7. yeah I always get a kick out of right wingers who do not trust the government, and think it should be dismantled and yet claim to 'believe in the constitution', which is apparently all about personal freedoms and nothing else. They seem to ignore and gloss over all the parts of the constitution that specifically define the government and in many cases, its widespread and expansive powers to govern. cherry picking - much like they do with the bible and so many other things.
  8. Of course you have specific numerous chapter, line and verse examples for your claims right?
  9. Fundraiser by Elena Cardone : Stand with Trump; Fund the $355M Unjust Judgment ( - these people would.... Mind you, they are woefully short, and knowing the history of trump fundraising, there's a pretty good chance that someone will end up with criminal charges related to even this GoFundMe.
  10. The agency follows whatever 'continuous improvement' guidelines/rules they are provided with by congress and legislation and within the boundaries of the funding they have to do just that. I am pretty sure that the majority of the problem is capitalism and the false belief (generally in the USA) that it has a solution for every problem. The goal should be healthcare, but the goal is not that, it is about money/costs and funding, much like the private system. We do not have a healthcare system in the US, we have a profit driven money making system that sometimes provides healthcare if you can afford it.
  11. I doubt Trump is quaking in his boots at all. He is a narcissistic sociopath, and he actually believes he has done nothing wrong, and he also believes he can do no wrong and he also believes that he should not be held accountable for anything he does or has done. Fear is not something he can comprehend. he is perfect and he believes that. The reality will be far different that his perception of it, and all that means as he loses case after case is that he will become more unhinged.... BECAUSE he is a narcissistic sociopath.
  12. we spend more that we take in, which is why we have a deficit. Name any program that the majority of Americans want to slash or eliminate and then show us how much money we would actually save by doing that, and I bet it doesn't even make a ding in the deficit. The answer is basically 'no programs should be cut' for most people if you really got into the nitty gritty of it. We have the programs that we want, we just refuse to tax at the level needed to pay for them because "taxes bad, programs good". And if you discuss Americans being unwilling to pay for the things that they demand, the argument invariably shifts to "Well, the government just wastes everything we give them", which accomplishes nothing to solve the problem. but yeah, taxes are very low in the USA, but I think Americans complain more about 'high taxes' than other countries. I think other countries pay higher taxes, but actually get something for their money, especially education, which gives them the ability to understand what they are getting for their money. In the USA there is a concerted effort (falsely believed) that by cutting government, somehow the country will be better off. Nothing could be further from the truth.
  13. more affordable than ever
  14. yup - try calling your senators. The best I have gotten in the past 3 years is an answering machine. I am willing to bet that Bezos (et al) have all the senators phone numbers and I bet they answer when he calls.
  15. First they came after the journalists. We don't know what happened after that.....