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  1. what men will do to get laid. what hookers will do for money
  2. everyone thinks it is a great idea until they want to put one close to your house.... we see the same thing here in Z-Hills. Pasco County has very high homelessness item one on the agenda is supporting the homeless with community ideas. money, ideas for housing, food drives, etc and lots of speeches item two is almost always - not in my back yard. And then nothing happens.
  3. plenty of memberships have been revoked. some reinstated after appeals and other investigations. But yes, Luke Frazier is a crook. just google his name and Hernando County FL to find his active criminal record. He still is trying to weasel his way into skydiving in Florida and reapplied to USPA by switching his first/middle name, only to be caught and revoked a second time. He tried to get employment in the industry here, anything he can do to lie his way into the sport and several locations. He basically forged his entire logbook, we are not sure that he have ever made anything more than a tandem jump and he continues to attempt to work his way into the sport with no experience. He needs his teeth kicked in is what he really needs. He has managed to dupe several unwitting people who I consider friends. He's a piece of shit.
  4. When I started in the early 80's, the biggest concern for instructors about their students was "Is he going to pull?" If they felt good about that, then you were allowed to go do 10 sec delays until you figured it out. Then 15's until you did two 360 degree turns in freefall. stop worrying so much about stability. Find a wind tunnel and go do 15 minutes in that to help out if one is nearby in a city somewhere, but as long as you are pulling and flying and landing safely, the rest will come eventually. I spent the first 15-20 jumps going end over end in freefall and various configurations of unstable, mostly spinning.
  5. My all time favorite - murdered by her jealous boyfriend.
  6. It sounds like Felony fraud. You could probably pursue it with the local sheriffs office and they will probably tell you they don’t want to collect on bills etc. Tell them you don’t want the bills collected. Tell them you want the crime investigated. And that you’ve already written off the money. People tend to pay up when a couple of detectives show up at their door, and if you’ve documented that paper trail as well as you say you have, then you probably have a good case
  7. tkhayes

    C-47 crash in TX

    not knowing much about flying them, but it sure looks like they rotated well below any reasonable speed, but could also have been wind components. I wonder what the wind conditions were. they only have 01/19 runway, so crosswind with early rotate, or just the plane wanting to fly on its own could have created a directional issue as well. Would love to hear from Mark Borghorst on it
  8. Blue is the latest in a dozen or more dogs that I have fostered and adopted. She will be 12 in Nov, not much time left, and has not much left in the hips or knees so she can barely walk. but she's got a dad now.... flew up to JAX to pick her up a year and a half ago.
  9. And I am not sure that it is even possible to take off with a Cessna 182, even with minimum fuel, with a pilot a 5 jumpers and stay inside of the gross weight limit. Unless the jumpers and pilots are all Chinese acrobats or something like that. Lots of places do it, it is a great reliable aircraft that will fly well outside the weight limits, but actually doing the math for any given load on any given day? I bet it does not meet the mustard at all DHC-6 with 22 jumpers and 4 loads of fuel on board is not much different. But planes fly. And history says it is not 'unsafe'. We had as many as 16-17 on a Beech 18 back in the 80's, 3300' ASL DZ too.... good thing the ground was flat prairie - you can hang in ground effect for a long long time waiting for that bit of lift..... airspeed is my friend.....
  10. I thought my scuba training was interesting and cool..... My second open water dive was 140' off the north wall in Grand Cayman.... I hope they all get honorary PADI open water, advanced, rescue, nitrox ratings to hang on the wall. Just give all of the ratings to them... more balls that I would ever have, but I guess the balls actually grow from "you got no choice". imminent demise is sometimes a motivator.....
  11. ouch. DIY. tons of ideas online, tons of patterns and designs. then you go to the store with the ideas and magazine clippings and they help put it all together. Then youtube shows you the techniques take your time. it is permanent. and a fucker to undo once it is done
  12. tile layers are getting $10/sq ft around here right now, due to labor shortages. It is not that difficult to do yourself, but you have to have 'some' level of background of common sense. It s not difficult to make it look good, but it is also pretty easy to make a look amateur. Buy all your tile and supplies from a private shop, not home depot, they will help you with the tricks of installing and watch lots of videos on youtube for the insider stuff. borrow a tile saw and make sure you design the layout well ahead of time, scribe it all out and do not be afraid to throw away a piece that got cut 'just a little bit off' because those cuts will show in the final work i have no formal training at all, did several floors and walls, it was not bad, and yes it is rewarding and really easy to add accents and borders to make it look exceptional. Nothing looks worse than seeing a house with identical tile from one end to the other, without any effort to spice it up.
  13. I think that has so much to do with the care and attention to detail on the packing mats. Over 37 years I have seen great packing operations and so many others that simply allow the "I always do it this way.." or "It does not make any difference..." attitudes, which then reflects the work being done. Not slamming packers in any way, but it is almost always an individual, maybe two, but generally working under a culture of 'lack of quality control' or the understanding of how to even implement a QC system. It's like looking at all the little defects in the house I bought, which was built by a local builder. "If they spent 5 more minutes on xxxxx, they could have done it right." I see this all the time, and it frustrates me because it is simply unecessary There are systems that work, and there are processes that work. Not always what the manufacturer says, but that is a great place to start. And when you find a place that has no cutaways in 15000 jumps, that is impressive. It is worth flying there and spending a weekend to watch, study, film and learn what they do, and then bring that home, and 'force' everyone to follow that like gospel.
  14. Given that lots of malfunctions are low speed reserve deployments, it is still a valid concern And certainly an expectation that the pilot chute is going to extract the reserve bag. And in a timely fashion. Not bashing on the Wings container, I have pilot chute in tow on reserves before, on tandems, on my own gear, and I do not actually give a shit what the excuse is, the gear did not do its job. Seconds matter. altitude matters. Too many dead skydivers here to be making excuses. Nothing pisses me off more when you take a concern to a manufacturer, (more and more with documented video) and you still (decades later) get to hear similar excuses for why shit does not work. The gear is supposed to work. We demand it. Especially in urgent situations