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  1. blaming the object is already a false argument. Much of the proposed gun regulations DO IN FACT address the user. background checks, training, storage, I wish the gun lobby would stop pretending that they actually support ANY legislation - they are not willing to move 1 mm to make gun viol;ence stats improve. not a smidgen. So when they talk about not blaming the object I usually tell them to fuck off given that they are not willing to have a piece of legislation that would address people either. Florida military member kills three in Illinois bowling alley - you cannot even trust those well trained in arms to use them safely or appropriately - so even the people argument fails Nashville Bomber - 'anyone who really wants to build a bomb is going to build a bomb - so what's the point of having any bomb laws?' Bottom line is that America loves their guns, they love the gun violence, they love dirty harry and john wayne and they see the role of the gun as solving problems instead of creating them. America cannot wait for the opportunity to plug a fellow american for some perceived threat to their lives or property - they relish it.
  2. blaming the object is already a false argument. Moch of the proposed gun regulations DO IN FACT address the user. background checks, training, storage,
  3. contrary to the Forbes report/article earlier. And oddly, 3 CA cities are used as data in this article, also contradicting the Forbes story:
  4. geez, comments like these were mindless 10 years ago and still mindless today. good to see some have evolved. No one is asking for more guns laws that make it illegal to shoot someone... and you are actually smart enough to know that is not the issue but you deliberately choose to be obtuse and pretend to be dumb about the actual issues that on the table. I always wonder about that sort of behavior... are people who make mindless comments asking the rest of the forum to treat them as if they are dumb? Or is it just deliberate trolling? Or do they actually have no way to discuss the issues of say, background checks, who has guns (i.e.mental illness), how guns are stored, training requirements and needs, and the actual sampling of the issues and the laws that the majority of Americans are asking for? Just curious.... Did you wear your seatbelt today and did you stop at a red light? I mean such an overbearing government intrusion into your freedom and your rights.....
  5. - A lot. 2500 'child' deaths in 2014, and 13500 injuries. that's just 0-19 years of age As in any accidental death, like swimming pool drownings, setting fire to your house, driving a car, falling into a machine, having something fall on you.... we actually examine the causes, study the cause/effect/correlation and quite often take actions, often via legislation, to improve the safety of those things.... except for gun deaths. For them... we do absolutely fucking nothing. It's called 'regulation' when we do take actions and in almost every facet of other accidents it has resulted in a decrease in deaths and accidents. again, except with guns.... because we do not do that - or anything
  6. apparently yes, it is necessary. Assumptions that all people that are trans have their organs removed or altered to match their identity are simply inaccurate. There are a lot of factors in those decisions.... the most important one being an individuals choice to make decisions regarding their own bodies.... ...just as an example
  7. As if ANY of this banter will make any difference. We already know all this stuff. water off a ducks back. Mueller so far has had no effect on him. Being a sexual predator so far has had no effect on him. No tax returns thus far has had no effect on him. His charity was shut down as a corrupt organization and has had zero effect on him so far. Pointing out that he cannot talk or is a clueless buffoon are minor offenses compared to the stuff we already have. Trump wins in 2020 unless the democrats put someone up that can beat him. And that person will have to 'speak to the people' at least in part the way Trump does and address at least SOME of the issues that he is talking about Because 'murica....
  8. simple enough solution. Single Payer Universal healthcare for all. paid for through the tax base by everyone, and the govt controls the pricing, payments, drug prices. Legislated and done.
  9. simple enough solution. Single Payer Universal healthcare for all. paid for through the tax base by everyone, and the govt controls the pricing, payments, drug prices. Legislated and done.
  10. The right wing was all over Obama for the 'apology tours' as they are called. Of course, Trump wanting to suck every dictator's dick seems to be good policy.....
  11. No doubt... all at the direction of the President himself. I wonder how much longer Trump supporters can stand there and claim they are patriotic Americans when the election process was undoubtedly compromised by criminals... Oh that's right... it's their team, so it's OK..
  12. great timeline
  13. Trump is never going to resign. He is the very definition of the narcissistic sociopath. I have said it a dozen times before. He will not resign because that personality type has never done anything wrong in his lifetime according to his own dysfunctional internal brain-works. I am not sure that he would even leave if impeached and told to leave. Of course that is a pipe dream anyway since Congress abandoned their responsibilities to the country and the constitution a long time ago and we are only reaping the benefits of that now.