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  1. tkhayes

    Aircraft jumper capacity

    And I am not sure that it is even possible to take off with a Cessna 182, even with minimum fuel, with a pilot a 5 jumpers and stay inside of the gross weight limit. Unless the jumpers and pilots are all Chinese acrobats or something like that. Lots of places do it, it is a great reliable aircraft that will fly well outside the weight limits, but actually doing the math for any given load on any given day? I bet it does not meet the mustard at all DHC-6 with 22 jumpers and 4 loads of fuel on board is not much different. But planes fly. And history says it is not 'unsafe'. We had as many as 16-17 on a Beech 18 back in the 80's, 3300' ASL DZ too.... good thing the ground was flat prairie - you can hang in ground effect for a long long time waiting for that bit of lift..... airspeed is my friend.....
  2. I think that has so much to do with the care and attention to detail on the packing mats. Over 37 years I have seen great packing operations and so many others that simply allow the "I always do it this way.." or "It does not make any difference..." attitudes, which then reflects the work being done. Not slamming packers in any way, but it is almost always an individual, maybe two, but generally working under a culture of 'lack of quality control' or the understanding of how to even implement a QC system. It's like looking at all the little defects in the house I bought, which was built by a local builder. "If they spent 5 more minutes on xxxxx, they could have done it right." I see this all the time, and it frustrates me because it is simply unecessary There are systems that work, and there are processes that work. Not always what the manufacturer says, but that is a great place to start. And when you find a place that has no cutaways in 15000 jumps, that is impressive. It is worth flying there and spending a weekend to watch, study, film and learn what they do, and then bring that home, and 'force' everyone to follow that like gospel.
  3. tkhayes

    Wings Vision

    Given that lots of malfunctions are low speed reserve deployments, it is still a valid concern And certainly an expectation that the pilot chute is going to extract the reserve bag. And in a timely fashion. Not bashing on the Wings container, I have pilot chute in tow on reserves before, on tandems, on my own gear, and I do not actually give a shit what the excuse is, the gear did not do its job. Seconds matter. altitude matters. Too many dead skydivers here to be making excuses. Nothing pisses me off more when you take a concern to a manufacturer, (more and more with documented video) and you still (decades later) get to hear similar excuses for why shit does not work. The gear is supposed to work. We demand it. Especially in urgent situations
  4. tkhayes

    Manifest Software for Mac

    Burble is web based so runs on Mac anyway. VMWare Fusion allows you to run Windows as an application on your Mac, if that is your only option. Pretty slow, so you need to have some horsepower in your Mac to begin with, but solve the problem by going to Burble. All Burble needs is a fairly reliable internet connection
  5. I think Pip Redvers had one cutaway in 25000 jumps
  6. tkhayes

    Katana's dont kill people...

    You used to have to sign a waiver and get permission from PD to fly a Stiletto. Now it is considered to be an intermediate canopy that has stood the test of time. I never liked them myself, but you cannot disagree with the success. It is a good canopy to learn a lot of pilot skills on.
  7. tkhayes

    Katana's dont kill people...

    I had the exact opposite experience. The velo was out of control for me, I never felt safe flying it. Mind you my wing loading was closer to 2.6:1 since the largest model is a 120. Katana has much friendlier options for sizes I like the Katana, I fly it well (IMO of course), it is no better or no worse than any other canopy because there are too many variables to make a "one is better than the other" assessment. wing loading, experience, goals, how you fly it, aggressiveness, or just getting to the ground etc I hate discussions like these because almost all of it is subjective opinions. And no two jumpers or jumps can replicate the exact same set of flight circumstances or outcomes because every canopy flight is different.
  8. tkhayes

    Bungee pilot chute

    there are many reasons we stopped using bungee pilots chutes.
  9. try not to assume that the only source of information is - you would have to be clearly obtuse to do that. public records of investigations are easily available and assuming that people that have been in the industry for decades have no clue about what is going on OR how to find that information would also be just as silly. Not to mention the decades of consistent stories of how the place is run come from previous staff and propagate first hand throughout the industry.
  10. I include it as part of one of my safety talks.... "What size reserve do you have?" Now ask everyone about landing that parachute, downwind, no flare, brakes set..... Most will cringe Now ask them again about what size of a reserve they have and why.... The extra 20-30 sq ft could mean the difference between a broken limb or death also effective to ask they why they have an AAD if their reserve is some sub-120 micropatch, since the actual scenario in which you might need it (unconscious) becomes unsurvivable anyway..... save the money and blow it on skydives, cocaine and loose women..... usually get some levity out of that. But of course we are all jumping small reserves for the most part so we talk and we are all guilty. Fat bastard that I am, I upsized my reserve at the last gear change but still would be well over 1.5 wing loading
  11. tkhayes


    agreed - not only are not issuing refunds probably illegal - the CC Company option is often the best course of action for consumers. Maybe 5 CC disputes in 22 years at Skydive City - I have never won any of them, even when I was 100% right. The companies will invariably go with the customer rather than the merchant, and all the consumer has to do is continue to say "I am not satisfied"
  12. And hopefully she writes the fucking check for the damages. I would slap a lien on her house and everything she owns.
  13. I jumped the same canopy for 450 jumps, then jumped the next one for 500 jumps. There is a lot you can do with even a larger parachute.....getting 'bored' is not likely, especially if you decide not to and just continue to seek out new information, techniques, take Flight-1 classes and continue to progress.
  14. tkhayes

    TI FAA medical?

    The FAA does not have a requirement for a medical but the manufacturers and USPA do. A military medical will usually suffice as well, however I am not aware of any dropzone except the rare few that do not have some requirement. If you cannot pass a Class III medical, then I expect there are a number of things that you should not be doing....
  15. tkhayes

    Max Miensopust

    FUNERAL ARRANGEMENTS The funeral for Max Miensopust will be held Monday July, 6, 2015 at the Hodges Family Funeral Home, 36327 State Route 54 in Zephyrhills Florida Schedule 10 AM : Visitation at the Funeral Home 11 AM : Service officiated by Father Michael. 1 PM: Grave side service with military honors at Busnell National Cemetery . The Hodges Funeral home is 2 miles west of Gall Blvd ( Route 301) on Route 54 on right side just past Dean Dairy Road, Sunoco station at intersection If any one out there has pictures of Max especially in his younger days if you could attach them as a JPEG in an e-mail to me and I have a friend that is more technically competent than me and could print them up for display at the visiting period before service and if you have no access to a scanner and plan to attend the service just bring them and collect them up at end of service. Again as I mentioned in previous e-mail I have a limited address book so feel free to forward this e-mail to people who knew Max and may want to know. John Cullen