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  1. FWIW, DFLA 2018 budget was some $90K, , even if they took in $20 donations, that is less than 5000 members. I am sure there are Democrat flat-earthers too, but it represents nothing in reality.
  2. Meaningless unless there is some data to show whether recidivism is up or down, and there appears to be no such data, which I find strange. We track crime stats like mad at all kinds of levels, surely someone has extrapolated the recidivism there somewhere.
  3. well I expect women's education to become illegal at some point..... It's the godly way.....
  4. already adjudicated and decided upon. Trump gets to appeal it (of course), and will continue to appeal as long as the justice system allows it by favoring rich people over us regular folk. Cannot wait for this to be tied up for months at the Supreme Court, as if it has anything to do with the constitution, but we are in the era of enabling trump at any and every opportunity, so there is that.
  5. tkhayes


    I for one, am tired of the 'explaining away'..... the 'cultural christians' stand by and watch and do nothing when the extreme christians make gains as they stomp towards a christian nationalistic country where we have religious freedom, but only if you are christian. It is so much like people standing by and watching while trump stomps all over the constitution and breaks the laws, and they 'splain that away' too with bullshit like 'it's not so bad' or 'they all do it'. Christians will burn the country and the world to the ground if we let them. They support Israel because the second coming and the end-of-times cannot happen with Israel existing. (still have to build the temple or whatever). They storm the capital and break whatever laws because after all - they are doing god's work, so it does not matter if it is illegal and the constitution be damned, there's a higher power in charge telling me what to do. Luckily so far, thousands of them are charged with crimes, but even that is sitting in front of SCOTUS waiting to be undone. fuck those people and fuck christian nationalism. And Trump, if elected, will let it all happen because they support him and he is a narcissistic sociopath, he can sit on a throne as the divinely chosen one, and whatever feeds his ego and wallet is good by him. Israel does not speak out about it, because after all, they get so much support from the USA, even though they are all damned to hell when the Armageddon happens, unless they convert.... but I am pretty sure they are laughing behind our backs about that. This country will truly be fucked if Trump gets elected, and even if he does not, the SCOTUS seems determined to make watery decisions that dilute everything out there... again, standing by and watching it happen, instead of stopping it by actually supporting the constitution and the rule of law.
  6. I thought this thread was about scumbag politicians. everything today seems to migrate to Israel and Gaza. I try not to spend too much time on problems that have no solution.
  7. same for me, cannot find anything else about it. Hey, she's been there for two years. Trump had four, and Sarah Sanders was the only one to last 2 years.
  8. calling out genocide when it is nothing even remotely close to genocide is just another example of the 'Nazi' dog whistles that are being discussed.
  9. yup, and feeds the lines that the GOP will use when they support trump by simply saying "Well, they are all crooks". Scale matters, but in a lot of cases, they are not wrong. I guess it is too much to just do your fucking job and enjoy the salary and benefits.... want to make more money? Write a fucking book like they all do to get rich quick.
  10. nothing helps an anti-immigration movement more than immigrants bringing their country's troubles, their terrorism, their crimes to the country to which they moved. Air India bombings in the 80's (I think) was a similar reaction.... a lot of Canadians were "WTF you bringing your bullshit terrorist cells into our country so you can act against YOUR country?" not knowing all the details yet on this one, but that that's my initial reaction. fuck you people. Will be interesting how the diplomacy works on this one.
  11. yeah that at least is a good way to explain part of my point... overused and dilutes the atrocities that took place. Trump is still a piece of shit capable of doing many evil things if he is given the opportunity. There is a significant portion of the population that has no problem with a dictatorship, because the country would at least 'look like them and their daily life', and they have delusions about 'some better time' that they have be robbed of, despite the fact that most things are just fine. Hate and fear still drives much of the movement towards authoritarianism. I do not undertsnad the human psyche that allows that to take over ones feelings about any given issue, but it certainly is a thing. You cannot do it if you simply point at any one individual person - you have to identify an entire group of people as your enemy and then everyone within that group becomes the enemy.
  12. get elected. change the rules to accumulate power and to stay in power. your supporters assist you and do not stand in the way, even actively help make that happen. (Project 2025 is that plan). The fence-sitters complain but fail to act or wait until it is too late. Many people assume the checks and balances will work, but the people that run those checks balances are replaced by loyalists. Each step is an erosion of the democracy and eventually there is nothing to stop the authoritarian from ruling. Nothing specifically 'Nazi' about it.
  13. SARS killed less than 1000 people, and every year we have new versions of pretty much everything. It is just a matter of time before another COVID/SARS/Flu/MERS comes along and kills millions worldwide. but yeah, it will be respiratory, and it will be unresponsive to normal treatments, and it will be easily spread due to the world we live in and the amount of travel and interaction that we do.
  14. But it’s hard to ignore the similarities between Trump and Orban. But it’s hard to ignore the similarities between Trump and Mussolini But it’s hard to ignore the similarities between Trump and Ceaușescu. But it’s hard to ignore the similarities between Trump and Khadafi. But it’s hard to ignore the similarities between Trump and U Ne Win Which is my point. there are so many other examples, but we default to Nazi. We can leave all that out and just talk about Trump and what he actually is, what he actually says, and what he actually does..... and has done.... but yeah, I get the comparison, I am just tired of the monolithic nature of it.
  15. I get that, but Trump could also be compared to many other authoritarian types in history that took power with similar controls moves, even getting elected..... but we only seem to use the Hitler comparison on a regular basis.
  16. yup any anyone that thinks the GOP and the christian right is going to stop at a 6 week ban is fucking delusional. Today in Texas.... and I expect his legal fight will be well-funded by some extremist assholes. Let's hope women show up in November. Texas man files legal action to probe ex-partner’s out-of-state abortion - The Washington Post Danny Burgess, State Senator in Florida (who I ran against in 2018 for State House) has stated many times 'I will not stop until there are no more abortions'. He has no justification for his beliefs other than he is Catholic. And he enjoys massive overwhelming electoral support in the area because he's a good ol' wholesome local boy with a nice family.
  17. I am pretty tired of the Hilter comparisons on both sides. Spend some time on Truth Social and fairly intelligent people there will explain to you with specific examples about how Joe Biden is like Hitler. They are wrong of course, and comparing Trump to Hitler is a tiring exercise (and unnecessary). Trumps acts and his crimes are plenty of ammunition WITHOUT the need for other comparisons. He is truly a piece of shit, a crook and a conman, we now have the receipts to support those claims and I have yet to find anyone who supports him that can articulate an argument or reason to support him.... just "MAGA!!" or some such bullshit. The Nazi comparison is exhausting and I find it somewhat insulting to the people who ACTUALLY suffered under the Nazis.
  18. pretty sure whatever major pandemic happens whenever in the world, it will be a respiratory virus that does not respond to treatment.....
  19. "the right thing" over partisan ideology. That is pretty rare these days in the USA
  20. if that was true then it would be truly psychopathic.
  21. the act is and was pretty clear, there is no need nor purpose to point out 'the inaccuracies'. There IS a need to call the act despicable (and many other things), but I notice that you failed to do that, you just 'pointed out the inaccuracies while not justifying it' You sound a lot like Mitch and Lindsey at the end of Jan 2021..... The act is despicable and she is a fucking monster. And maybe signs of deeper sociopathic tendencies. I hope she gets 'cancelled' by pretty much everything. Trump will probably give her a cabinet position.
  22. Let's ADDRESS TK's arguments.... I am still waiting. Are you OK with women having fewer rights than men and writing that into law? Oversimplification, but I have stated it a few ways several times. Address that.
  23. well they do not just 'kill' - but of course, along with the other distractions like 'when a heartbeat starts', the gun lobby digresses to mass shootings exclusively, or what statistic they can grab on to at that moment to make their point. Guns are not just responsible for death, but violent crimes, injuries, tens of billions in health care costs every year, not to mention the cost of the criminal justice system to support all the carnage in the name of rights. Kinda like me supporting what pro-lifers would call carnage when talking about abortion I am not anti gun, I own 20, but this country (for a bunch of people that claim to care about life) has the stupidest gun laws in the world, and as a result are tacitly responsible for the gun violence we see. SO I sarcastically point that out at every opportunity. Far too many Americans are pro-gun and anti-abortion..... it simply makes no sense. Tying 'pro-life' between guns and abortion, I have no issue, I do not care about the life of a 20 week fetus, if it is the mother's decision to abort, but I also am pro-gun-regs because I DO in fact care about the lives of things that we actually call 'people' and not fetus' or zygotes.
  24. if only that was actually a thing. I am not interested in enacting legislation that affects people's rights based on what some extremist thinks might happen. Are you in favor of basing policy in what is ACTUAL instead of what is dreamt up? again, gun legislation example.... what if I argued that, "well arguably ANY gun could, in time, kill EVERY SINGLE PERSON in the country, and therefore we should have no guns." Does not sound reasonable does it? So if you want to discuss facts, let's discuss them.