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  1. She has two degrees including a JD..... not exactly 'moron' class.
  2. anyone highly trained with the right gear is more effective that someone who is not or someone who has the wrong gear. There is no indication that this punk had any significant training in the use of a gun for a 130+yd shot. 'he was a member of a shooting club' - so fucking what. And the world is filled with highly trained people that wildly missed and took out innocent bystanders or started blasting and hit nothing. While your son might be able to hit a quarter at 200yds, I expect he misses that a lot as well. Show us a grouping of 10 shots and then tell us how good he is. And even with that scope, the quarter at 200yds looks smaller that this period (.) With iron sights, the quarter is not even visible, you are just guessing where it is based on where you placed it. You hit it because you have a spotter giving you advice based on your misses. 100yds is a long shot for 95-98% of the people out there I expect. We used to hit empty shotgun shells at 100yds with iron sights on Winchester bolt .22's. We did not see the shells at all, we just knew where they were, since we were the ones that placed them. A spotter gave corrections if they could see when we missed and where. It took multiple shots to knock them down. Am I highly trained? Not really. Can I boast about being able to hit a shotgun shell at 100yds with iron sights? Yes I can. Is that a measure of anything? No it is not. It's just talk and discussion.
  3. So you found one conspiracy on the left and based on that, your conclusion is that lefties are 'just as prone' to conspiracy theories? A dataset of one? Missed statistics 101 did we?
  4. pretty much no one in the country gives a fuck about policy anymore IMO. Biden would be better served playing culture wars and so on for the rest of the campaign.... Call Trump a crook, con man, convicted felon, rapist, fraudster and do it every single day. He would do better to step aside and let Kamala do that, as she could also use the race card with personal experiences no doubt. I am not sure than anyone even gives a fuck about women losing bodily autonomy or abortion or even access to birth control. That was going to win the election for Biden 6 months ago, now it does not even make the back pages. I think the right has won soundly, I think we will be forever changed into an authoritarian theocracy, and the only solution will be civil war, which will also not solve anything for decades..... The country is done if Trump wins, the only hope is that all the democrat voters still show up and happen to outnumber the GOP voters. I no longer believe that can happen. Aileen Cannon's ruling on day one of the RNC was absolutely 100% planned and orchestrated by the court system and whatever secret society they have to talk to each other about how they are going to enable Trump.
  5. Democrats need to learn how to fight dirty, yes, but doing it illegally or corruptly only furthers the downfall path we are already on. No corruption fixes corruption.
  6. expel that cunt and rid the party of garbage. Make a public spectacle of him and use that felony conviction as a show of why no one should support the other felonious candidate. I am sure the Dems are in discussion with the governor over who is going to be appointed
  7. yeah much like Trump stealing money from his Foundation and getting caught, pleading guilty, paying fines and having it shut down. Trumper MAGA types dismiss it - 'it's not theft, he wasn't convicted of theft'. They can justify ANYTHING because it is a cult. And to admit they were wrong at any point in their lives would disrupt all their entire belief structures and their core self. It is easier to just keep going. Cannot fix delusional stupid.
  8. Christian Nationalists are OK with rape. It's in the bible and besides, Trump is god's pick despite the rape - afterall god works in mysterious ways. Much like herioin addicts, the party has an excuse for everything and anything.
  9. thanks for not answering my question..... I have come to expect that from you. Trump did in fact suggest suspending parts of the constitution. And he is in fact, 'Satan in human form'. He attempted to overthrow an election and still to this day denies the outcome of the election. He did in fact steal millions from his charity, his corporation did indeed get convicted of 13 felony counts of fraud, his associates and confidants are in fact convicted felons... I could go on with a dozen other factual examples or more, Of course you, like all the other trumpie supporting types cannot even bring yourselves to admit that these things happened, thus saving you the respectful civic duty of justifying your support for this human piece of fucking garbage seditious cunt.
  10. America is not electing a woman (yet). We elected a black man before we elected a woman. Christian hierarchy mostly. It cannot happen in a country where even the left has evangelical christians that think women should be in the kitchen Having said that, if she suddenly replaced Biden on the ticket, I think the vast majority of democrats and democrat leaning folks would fall in line. Trouble is the unknown middle and of course the extreme right would get louder with the nigger-yelling. that might actually work in favor of the democrats, who knows. such a strange dynamic given the Proud Boys, the KKK, the Oath Keepers and the exclusively white evangelical christians.
  11. correction, both sides are actually talking about how old Biden is and that he cannot win and that he should step aside. No one is talking about the convicted felon. Reason number 637 why the country is fucked. Putin and China win.
  12. I no longer believe that Biden can win the election, Trump is immune to everything, including any constitutional or law/order process. And whether we like it or not, he is going to get 3-4% more for the sympathy vote. The Democrats will not (no should they) change leadership in the middle of a crisis like an assassination attempt and the country is thus doomed. The only hope is that Trump does not get the House and Senate, which would make him mostly a lame duck,. but he still gets to reap end-of-world stuff on the agencies and fire everyone, replacing them with any MAGA moron that does what he says for them to do. Planning my exit strategy after November. To be executed after the inauguration, who knows, maybe someone else takes him out before then or there is a massive cardiac event. Both sides are asking to tamp down the rhetoric but with the RNC starting today, I am going to give that about until Tuesday afternoon for that to all go out the window.
  13. No, It's Clarence Thomas and a few other specifically appointed Supreme Court Justices.....
  14. Fuck you Newt Gingrich
  15. Yeah if she is right, then pretty much every prosecution performed by a special counsel can be thrown out. I wonder which GOP mega-donor's yacht she gets to vacation on?
  16. Still a registered republican, despite the donation was mad in 2021, 3 years ago. He had plenty of time to change his registration. Of course the right wing will say he was a radical leftist because he made a $15 donation 3 years ago to the Progressive Turnout Project, but maybe he's just a republican that likes people coming out to vote, and saw Trump as a threat to that like so many others do. I mean, how radical left can you be? Supporting groups that try to register voters..... the nerve!! pfffffttt.
  17. that wasn't news, that was an interview with a conservative writer and commentator. He never said, and I never said Trump said neo-nazis were 'very fine people'. I said it took him days to denounce them. The Neo Nazis, the KKK, the Proud Boys and the Oath Keepers still support Trump. Trump might not be a white supremacist neo-nazi rascist, but all the white supremacist neo-nazi rascists sure think he is. So does YOUR interpretation of what is and isn't news always drive YOUR narrative, because Trump actually DID take 3 or 4 days to denounce the neo-nazis. That's not 'news' nor 'speculation' that is indeed a fact. - This was days after the attacks in Charlottesville, which was Aug-11 or 12 something like that
  18. there will not be a peep about guns or gun control. Avoid, deflect, don't talk about it, move on, nothing to see here.
  19. well fwiw, I never said Trump said neo-nazis were 'very fine people'. I said it took him days to denounce them. The Neo Nazis, the KKK, the Proud Boys and the Oath Keepers still support Trump. Trump might not be a white supremacist neo-nazi rascist, but all the white supremacist neo-nazi rascists sure think he is.
  20. I always go back to an interview with Charlie Sykes, a conservative journalism, writer and podcaster, after Charlottesville. He sums it up perfectly... not just this event but a statement on the entirety of Trumps presidency: From 2017 - "I’m assuming you’re not surprised by Trump’s inability to condemn the white-supremacist march. I’m shocked but not surprised. Denouncing Nazis is the easiest thing in the world: All it requires is a modicum of historical perspective and a working moral compass. Instead, we got this Dumpster fire."
  21. I disagree with that. If he gets the majority of house and senate (unlikely), he will never leave office, ever, not under any circumstances and the GOP will let that happen. Even if he loses, they already have plans in place to disrupt the election again, possibly sending it to the states for adjudication. All the checks and balances will be re-appointed with Trump loyalists who are also equally a threat to America, democracy and the world. Threats are already regularly pursued by law enforcement, but apparently the Supreme Court is on Trumps side and shoots all those efforts to hell. yet another example of the end of America.
  22. yeah definitely a 'I'm a hero look at me' moment but also confirms his disconnect from reality.
  23. it's no different than when Obama got elected. I would bet there were hundreds of people across the country, sitting in their living rooms, polishing their rifles and mumbling 'I'm gonna be the one...' two dozen of them here alone -
  24. yes, especially when they drive their cars through crowds of people and murder them.